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    December 13, 2020 at 3:18 pm #3937

    Whoohoo! ALWAYS liked this one a lot.

    First off as I was an avid Buffy and Angel fan before SPN I was THRILLED with every guest actor appearance by previous B/A alumni and AMY ACKERS in this episode as the mom was perfect and a welcome sight. She did really well as the no nonsense young singly mother who called out Dean on his lame attempt at flirting! HA! Amy always brought a great mix of strength and vulnerability on Angel as well and I always enjoyed watching her.

    All of the guest actors were again compelling and believable which made the show so darn watchable and relatable since the very beginning.

    I had forgotten that Sera Gamble was involved from the start and wrote this episode.

    The opening sequence was a little too long, I thought, as the underwater shots foreshadowed pretty clearly what would happen next (an attack from the deep) so there was not need to drag that out so much.

    I love the fact that you can hear whispers but don’t understand them at the beginning. They only become clear when mom almost drowns in the bathtub. VERY creepy.

    Sam’s puppy dog face and soft voice sure do wonders with the witnesses, huh? I am glad that they toned that down just a little bit later on. Sam is always lovely and empathetic with the witnesses but I like it better when it’s not too “sensitive”. Although, I have to say the fabulously beautiful close up of his face and gorgeous eyes when he talks to Andrea after her almost drowning is wonderful.

    I just love SO MUCH all over again how complicated Dean is from the very start! He can be so understanding and smart about getting into Lucas’ defenses; we get a glimpse his own pain when describing how he is trying to be brave for his mom and then he behaves more like the rough big brother when he sets Sam straight about not running after John right this moment and about “ugh, we don’t have to hug or anything, right?” at the end. I also really like the little moment at the beginning where Dean flirts with the waitress and complains to Sam that they are allowed to have some fun, but then he seems to read in Sam’s face that it’s WAY to early after Jessica’s death for him to have any interest in another girl and suddenly Dean lets the subject drop and shows Sam a possible new case instead. Shows how tuned into his brother Dean is. And Jensen portrays it with so much finesse, it’s just completely draws you in and doesn’t let you go.

    And Sam isn’t far behind in being a layered character, we just don’t get as immediate of a deeper insight as we gain with Dean.

    This episodes sets into canon truth that ghost children are one of THE CREEPIEST things ever!!! Even if you see so very little of them like in this episode! It’s enough. It’s really scary. It was well-done.

    I very much appreciated the mini-cliffhanger between Dean dragging Lucas out of the water, cutting to black, and the next shot where they walk to the car and Sam says “we can’t save everybody”. For a moment there – or really for five minutes to those of us who originally watched it with commercial breaks on TV…. – you didn’t know if they were successful in saving Lucas or not. Nice tension builder.

    There was a lot of great things about this episode and I think it’s holding up very well even after watching it numerous times.