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    December 15, 2020 at 3:35 pm #3944

    “On a side note as to dreams. We are told they are not prophetic, but manifestations of fears larger than life and seldom have anything to do with what is realistically going on. It could have been a reflection of Sam’s guilt in having undeserved happiness.”
    If Sam had not been raised as a hunter, I’d grant him this. I’m no psychologist, but you are; so for regular people, I’m sure this is true. But Sam clearly understood the implications of death omens, psychic visions and the like. To have zero visions for his entire 22-year life, then suddenly have several visions over a few days about his girlfriend burning up on the ceiling doesn’t seem like something he should’ve ignored. We can clearly agree to disagree here, but I think with Sam’s knowledge, he should’ve known better than to disregard his visions.

    “I genuinely believe that Michael wiped Mary’s mind. I certainly don’t believe the hideous retcon in season 12. Seeing Azazel in the nursery would have triggered a memory. Much like those who have amnesia can have memories triggered suddenly.”
    Believe me, there are SEVERAL terrible retcons I’d disregard if I could. I’d never have resurrected Mary in the first place; Chuck’s disastrous character arc in seasons 14 and 15 wouldn’t have happened; and Jack either would never have existed, or he’d have been killed as a villain in season 13 or 14. However, I feel like I need to take the show at face value, and that means dealing with what they did with Mary. If we don’t disregard her retcon in season 12, then she clearly remembered being a hunter, she hunted after Dean was born, and she probably remembered her demon deal, because what hunter would forget something like that? That means she kept that terrible secret from John and unwittingly doomed her family to disaster by doing so.