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    December 27, 2020 at 9:07 pm #4081

    Hey Kate38,

    I wonder about this point, though. Sam often defends himself by saying he left John and Dean to go to college, so he wasn’t running away. That makes me question whether he truly would’ve stayed away forever if things had gone differently. As close as he and Dean were, and as much as Sam must have known Dean cared about him, I doubt Sam would’ve walked away from Dean forever. That means that at some point, Jessica would’ve met Dean and Sam would’ve had to lie over and over again about who Dean was and what he did for a living. (Side note, it always saddens me when Dean says that he stayed away from Sam for two whole years and never even tried to call or contact him. That must have broken his heart. He loved Sam so much…)

    I often wished they had written that differently!!! I always had a hard time believing that the brothers were so close for all their youths and then Dean WOULDN’T have went to check on Sam at college – even if it was unseen. Having Dean say that he essentially was ok with ignoring Sam for two years did not do the character any service!! Same with John. He says that he didn’t want Sam to go because he was worried for his safety, but then he has no problem completely abandoning him at college? So which is it? Are you worried? Or are you pissed and convinced that Sam is ok on his own?