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    February 8, 2023 at 9:08 pm #41239

    Okay! This one was REALLY good, I thought.

    Interesting start, reminiscent of old SPN episodes. Dark and mysterious. Clearly from the past.

    So, the Akrida had a run at the world in the 50’s? And might have wiped out the MoL?

    To me the way this episode split our core four into pairs and had them working the case from two angles really worked. It focused on how the characters operate differently!  Each pair of them really made an impact in their specific way. Each pair worked well together.

    It seemed cohesive as an overall story even though what they dealt with was very different. We were about to get more specific impressions about each of the characters than if all four are together and vying for our attention!

    Mary FINALLY seemed a little more natural and real to me in her interactions with John and the way they work on the case together. She’s less brash and more thoughtful. She wasn’t just bossing people around but had to think and act on her own. For the first time it actually gave me an impression of experience and poise under pressure and not just a petulant, frazzled teen. I liked Mary in this episode!

    John is adorable and his smiles reminded me of SAM. And I really like that he is more observant and less “action first” in this episode. He made great use of his strength, but not as a blunt instrument. He felt like an actual HUNTER in this ep and not just the new kid on the block.

    The banter between Carlos and Latha at the beginning was FUN and felt like real friends would rib each other. Also love the comment of Carlos’ about his perfectly proportioned shoulders. HA!

    The two of them worked their end of the case in a very empathetic and gentle way and it was still effective. I loved the more gentle, but not silly or overly dramatic Carlos. He was warm and caring but still resourceful and smart.

    And Latha wasn’t just a human computer archive this time but had actual PRACTICAL use of her knowledge and made it work. Love that. She also seemed less lofty and more grounded when helping Roxy discover her memories.

    I had HIGH hopes there for a second we would finally see the BRITISH MOL be of use and without second agenda…..NOPE…still sadistic, selfish, torturing weirdos….AND not even British. HA! Nice twist. I did like that whole story.

    HHHMMM, kinda lack luster motel room Roxy was hiding in. Not up to SPN standard! We need Jerry Wanek for THAT!

    Catching the Akrida Cop was a little too easy…but at least Mary and John were working well together.

    I LOVE a good Gollum story, but here it was a little too convenient. And why did it “ooze” or bleed when John hacked at it with a blade? I loved the SPN Gollum SO MUCH because the way they made it seem so clearly like he was made of wet clay.

    Still, it was an enjoyable monster “guard” for the MoL bastard. And I had to laugh at the “damn covid mask”!! Pretty good idea to make it more difficult to get the scroll out of its mouth. HA. And I also applaud the innovative way to get rid of the scroll by decapitation with the heavy crematorium door and then setting it on fire! Nice touch and different from what we have seen in the past.

    Why would Dean drive the Impala in the past? John doesn’t own her yet…

    NICE job by the actress playing Roxy, the Radio DJ!

    Interesting point on what one would do for love!!

    However, the leap to “that never be us” implying LOVE between Mary and John was not working for me. As we said before….they were uneasy friends and suddenly jumped to LOVE??? NOPE. Still feels like I missed watching a couple of episodes in between at least!!

    Quite possibly one of my favorite episodes this season!

    UGH, the END, though didn’t work for me AT ALL. I JUST don’t like when SPN universe butts up against law enforcement!!! I didn’t like it on SPN, I don’t like it here. Hunters have PLENTY on their plates already. I just don’t need the “reality” of getting the authorities after them too. To me that’s a waste of good SPN story time.


    Oh well, aside from that I really enjoyed the episode!!!