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    I definitely liked this episode better than last weeks. Not everything made sense to me, but the episode was entertaining and even had some Supernatural vibes.

    I don’t mind the Akrida storyline, but slowly but surely I would like to know how all of this is connected to the future or to Dean in specific. Like PigNaPoke said, it doesn’t make sense that Dean is driving the impala back in 72, the car still belongs to his former owner in this time period.

    I also have a problem with thinking that the Akrida has wiped out the mol, when in Supernatural it was Abbadon, so demon related. Maybe the will put all of this together in the end and everything will be explained, but I can`t see that at the moment.

    Another thing that I’m not a huge fan of is, that the show seems to focus more and more on romances. I get that it has to be about the John and Mary love story, but now also Carlos and Anton and Lata and Tony ? That is getting a bit to much for me. What I liked at Supernatural was, that it was not so much about romances and I get this is a different show. I’m just not a fan.

    I also agree that the  set design doesnt have SPN standards. It sometimes looks a bit “cheap”. It never did on Supernatural, even when they didn`t always have the biggest budget either.

    But even with all of this complaining, for me it was one of the better episodes and I have enjoyed watching it.