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    Totally agree, JBB!

    This one never made much sense to me either and I didn’t love the “zombie” angle.

    It’s interesting to find out more about Bobby’s love, but I didn’t want it to be so sad. Seeing Bobby so vulnerable and begging the guys not to kill her, is heartbreaking.

    I love the intro of Sheriff Jody and Kim is SO GREAT and making Jody feel so real, straight from the start. Such tragic situation for her character and I loved the interaction between Sam and Jody all through the episode starting with when he takes the burden of killing her son off her.

    You make a great point about Jody already knowing more about Bobby. I think you might be right!

    Bobby says that the Sheriff hated him until 5 days ago when the dead started rising all over town. So my thought was that Jody and Bobby at least connected over their dead loved ones being back? And that might be how she found out more about Bobby as a hunter?

    I do like how confused Sam and Dean are at the beginning when Mr. Thompson confesses to be dead and to have killed a guy.

    I did remember watching this for the first time and when Bobby comes into view at first I thought “wow, they cleaned up his appearance” – lol.

    I do like how Sam and Dean become the voice of reason here and Bobby the reluctant nay-sayer. It’s almost like a role reversal.

    I always have to laugh at the line of “Awesome. Another Horseman. Must be Thursday.” HA

    But the rest of the story seemed forced and far fetched….even for SPN.