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    January 15, 2021 at 7:24 pm #4354

    SOOOO late to the party…sorry.

    This was was a little rocky or “holy” storywise BUT I do like it a lot in retrospect because we get several firsts in this episode.

    First demon….albeit looking more like a swarm of flies, but hey, I appreciate that we got to see the “character development” of demon smoke in later episodes. HA.

    First time the guys were in suits. It always makes me laugh because Dean looks SO uncomfortable and I wonder why they made the choice not to have BOTH of them uncomfortable? I highly doubt that Sam had that much more experience with suits being a STUDENT in Stanford.

    First (and last time) of air travel…..I always appreciated (and still do) the setting of much of this episode on a plane!! As a travel professional and frequent traveler I find the idea of being confined in the air with something uncontrollable SUPER scary!!! And I think choosing a demon and therefore something the guys didn’t deal with before heightened the tension even more.
    I also think setting much of the action on a plane set was super ballsy as it is hard to move around in and makes sweeping fights impossible. So that was ambitious for an episode so early in the run of the show.

    I love the scenes between Sam and Dean on the plane!! It is sweet how Sam suddenly becomes the “big brother” all logical and calm and helping Dean keep his head. This was a nice show of a different dynamic between them.

    First time we hear John’s voice since the pilot. And see what it does to the boys – the very (for early seasons) typical raw, emotional response from Sam and a clamping down from Dean.

    OF COURSE we ALL looooove the sleepy Dean shot!!!! YES, kate38, naked Dean feet! HHHMMM. And…other…lovely parts. It’s great.