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    January 17, 2021 at 4:16 pm #4369

    Another REALLY nicely creepy one!

    There were a few funny parts about it. Like Dean going out to find the UNMARKED grave. UUHHMM, how’d you do that?

    Some of the lines were super clonky, so we (audience) could get some background on how to handle ghosts. HA.

    I can honestly admit that I completely forgot about the ozone smell!!! SMELL a ghost? And EMF a demon?? I love seeing what they tried out and DIDN’T stick with.

    KATE38, I do NOT know another episode where the ozone smell came to play.

    I, too, thought the effects in this were great! The Hookman appearing and disappearing. The scrapes on the wall with the exploding plaster, the way he burned up at the end was cool, too.

    I always loved the moment where Sam and Dean toss necklace and shotgun at each other so smoothly. NICE action and great chemistry between them.

    YES, Kate38 I noticed the Bobby’s Mom actress, too. For once! HA.

    Solid episode, nice case, good brother moments.