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    January 17, 2021 at 4:57 pm #4371

    I never minded this one. Actually I quite like it. The environmental message, the Native American mythology, the unsettling “adversary” of everything with too many legs!!!

    I didn’t even mind the slightly heavy handed father-son parallels they were trying to draw.

    I loved the important talk Sam and Dean have about the infamous college fight when Sam left on the way to the university appointment. First time we get to hear some nice things about John – that he was worried about Sam and swung by Stanford to check in on him. But also the first time I got an inkling that Sam and John might be equally pig-headed and that THAT is part of the problem.
    SURE Sam could have also called! I agree with kate38 there. However, I don’t think there is ONE party to blame here. ALL three of them had a part in this blow out. John SHOULD have been proud of Sam for his academic accomplishment of getting a full ride! And instead of throwing him out and telling him never to come back, a more adult conversation about the situation would have been nice. Dean was the mediator all his life and that isn’t fair! But I often wondered why it seemed that he did NOT try and step in and mediate that particular fight? Sam should have been less of a petulant teen and reach out once settled in at Stanford. In the end….GUYS….what can you do.

    I also love the talk at the end about Sam wanting to find John to apologize. I actually love it the most for Dean’s realism that he knows that harmony between Sam and John wouldn’t last. HA

    I also appreciate that they didn’t try to sugar coat the sad and slightly run down state many Native American communities are existing in!