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    February 4, 2021 at 11:28 am #4669

    This was their first big fight. I hate it when they fight ☹

    One of my favorite Dean quotes from the whole series is in this episode: “Scotty, you got a smile that lights up a room. Anybody ever tell you that?” LOL!!

    Question: WHY don’t boyfriends ever listen in horror movies? They NEVER hear the weird noise, they never see the scarecrow moving by itself…freaking tragic.

    I always felt bad for Dean in that opening phone call with John. Dean had been looking for John before Sam joined him, and Dean was arguably closer to his father. But John was undoubtedly all pissed off after his conversation with Sam, so instead of Dean having a moment to reunite briefly with John, he probably got a gruff, barely-existent greeting and instantly had to start taking down the list of names John tried to give Sam. Every time I watch that scene, it makes me wonder how many times Dean suffered some injustice because Sam and John were angry with each other and Dean got stuck between them, trying to be peacemaker or (more likely) simply trying to live his life. Poor guy…

    In retrospect, John probably knew about Sam’s psychic connection to Azazel by this point, which made his elusiveness make more sense – Sam being close to John meant endangering all of them. IF he’d told Dean and Sam everything he knew at the time, I wonder if Sam would’ve been willing to stay away as asked. I doubt it.

    Along those same lines, what was the point of Meg trying to lure Sam to California, so Azazel could get his hands on him? Why the charade? She was a powerful demon, and she clearly wanted to do more harm, but Azazel was stopping her. She could’ve just nabbed Sam and dragged him to California. Why didn’t Azazel just let her? Theories?

    This is one of those pivotal episodes, because at the end of this episode, just like in the Pilot, Dean cuts Sam loose, leaving Sam free to return to school or go to California, or do whatever he wants to do. In BOTH episodes, it’s Sam’s choice to return to hunting. It always bothers me when fans blame Dean for “dragging” Sam back into hunting. Nobody “drags” Sam into anything he didn’t already want to do, and in both of these episodes, Sam is the one who decided to keep hunting.

    Hey, did you guys recognize the wraith from “Sam, Interrupted”?

    And did you notice the editorial glitch? When Dean is getting ready to leave his interview with William B. Davis (side note: I loved Cancer Man from X-Files), if you look toward the left side of the screen, you can see a boom or possibly a mobile light being moved out of camera frame. But it still ends up in the shot. LOVE these early seasons ?. So many little “hiccups” ?

    Speaking of production items, I LOVE that crane shot when the townspeople are standing in the rain under their umbrellas and the camera pans upward. That’s so effective.