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    March 4, 2021 at 1:06 pm #5501

    Faith is one of my favorite season 1 episodes. I love the story, the gritty feeling, and Sam to the rescue. I know some fans didn’t like Sera Gamble, but I thought she did a decent job as show runner (still a few years down the road at this point), and I love what she and Raelle Tucker did when writing this episode.

    Hannah! Yay!!

    Loved Julie Benz in this episode! Love Layla, but hate her mother. Just sayin’. It’s “interesting” that the people who consider themselves the most “religious” can be the most cruel and uncaring.

    I love the dark, damp atmosphere of this episode! The rain, the mud, and the desperation are all palpable and feel real. In the early seasons, “The Benders” and “Something Wicked” do the BEST job of creating atmosphere, but this one is excellent, too.

    I kinda wish they’d left reapers alone. I liked the idea of an invisible creature that could stop time, change reality, and literally find anybody anywhere. I love the scene in “Abandon All Hope” when Castiel sees all those reapers just standing watch and waiting for oceans of people to die. Making them angels and making them approachable made them less frightening.

    That said, when Reverend LeGrange said he looked into Dean’s soul and saw a young man with an unfinished mission, I wonder if the reaper was already working towards the events surrounding Armageddon. I also wonder why the reaper would heal Roy of his cancer, but leave him blind. Theories?