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    March 4, 2021 at 1:28 pm #5504

    “There is SO MUCH internal stuff about Dean here too; how we really start to see that he does not want special treatment; that he does not seem himself as special at all. If anything, it’s the opposite and he believes he should die instead of someone, anyone else. It’s so touching. Sam’s just excited that Dean is better; willing to take it and not question it much, then kind of begrudgingly admits that Dean is right; something bad is going on here.

    I love that Roy got to be innocent. He seemed like a sweet person who really wanted to do good and I was glad that it was not him with the agenda that his wife had; to punish those she saw as immoral by taking their lives to heal the people coming to see Roy.

    Leila was so very compelling. The ending of this one is amazing. How she basically accepts her fate; has truth faith; and is not mad at Dean in the end of surviving when she will not. It’s like Dean can barely comprehend that kind of forgiveness and it’s SUCH a great scene.

    I have always wished they kept this reaper model. Old man with all the makeup and creepy grin. I guess non one ever wanted to go through the makeup in future years…they pretty quickly made reapers human-looking (Tessa) at least to other humans like Dean when he died; Tessa chose to appear that way. But she was more like a ghost in her real form. I kinda wish they’d chosen a type of reaper and stuck with it. By the end of the series they were just all regular-human-looking people!”

    These are all excellent points!

    Yes, Dean’s self loathing became truly apparent after Sam died and he made the deal, but we see a big glimpse of it here. Poor guy.

    I also found myself pitying Reverend LeGrange a the end of this one. Will he ever understand why his wife died suddenly? Will he be demoralized when he realizes that suddenly he can’t heal people anymore? He’ll probably never understand why. And if the brothers did explain everything to him and he believed them, I’m sure he’d feel terrible because he’d realize that every person he’d cured had resulted in someone else’s death. I can’t imaging having to deal with that much guilt.

    Yes about Layla’s ability to forgive and maintain her faith. I still remind myself that sometimes I have to believe when things are really bad and the miracles aren’t happening.

    Does anyone else ever wonder if this was the moment when Dean actually did start to pray? I’m sure he prayed for Layla, because I take him at his word.

    And definitely yes about reapers! I wish they had remained creepier.

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