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    March 7, 2021 at 3:29 pm #5727

    I couldn’t agree more, kate38!

    I LOOOOVE this episode!!

    It was a risk taking on such delicate subject, but I thought they did it well and realistically. The idea behind the case is innovative and based in the possibility of true events. I thought the writers showed respect and gravitas when it came to the racial crime and the resulting spirit truck was GREAT!

    There were some great brother moments in this episode I thought. Sam teasing Dean about being in love. Dean’s one “gimme a second” finger behind his back when he was kissing Cassie and Sam was being obnoxious. Sam at the end asking Dean if he ever thought it was all worth it and Dean NOT answering. The banter during the car chase and final “Honestly, that thought hadn’t occurred to me” line. HA! All great scenes.

    I also adore Cassie. A strong woman who knows who she is and what she wants. A realist when it comes to her and Dean’s chances. All make me really respect her. She WOULD have potentially made a great long term love interest for Dean, because she COULD have handled it (and him), but I totally respected that she made the decision not to be the second fiddle to his job responsibilities. THAT showed great strength. Because….have you SEEN that guy?! HAHA.

    YES – the sex scene was HOT AS HELL!! I particularly liked that they kept it very even between them. Cassie taking charge at the beginning was hot to me and as it went on, I felt they were nicely matched. I also really appreciated the urgency – representing to me that they had time to make up for – and that they kept staring at each other’s faces intensely – speaking to me of more than a casual hook up. Great camera angles and music, too.

    I also thought the direction and visual effects were awesome in this episode.
    From the gruesome make up on the Mayor after he was hit by the truck was really well done.
    The night time car chase through fog and mist and the driving itself were amazing to watch. The way the truck collided with the Impala and dissolved in the end looked cool.

    I did feel bad for Jared and Jensen in this episode because they had to deal with some pretty awful WEATHER, though. Filming in freezing rain at night cannot be fun!!!

    I thoroughly enjoy this episode every time I watch it.