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    March 14, 2021 at 3:24 pm #6120

    I often thought the same thing about Roy’s future, kate38.

    Everyone else in this one packs up, moves on accepts what is….I would love to know that he will be ok with his fate as well. He is in many ways the victim here.

    HIS world gets completely ripped apart for a second time in is life. That’s a lot to process and find peace with.

    That said, when Reverend LeGrange said he looked into Dean’s soul and saw a young man with an unfinished mission, I wonder if the reaper was already working towards the events surrounding Armageddon. I also wonder why the reaper would heal Roy of his cancer, but leave him blind. Theories?

    I, honestly, always thought that part of Roy’s speech about how he choses people was part of the “tent-revival-circus”. I didn’t take it as truth. Roy seems to genuinely believe what he says, so I give him points for sincerity. I do not think that the REAPER had anything to do with who was being chosen, though. To me it looked like the reaper only got involved when Roy lifted his hands and made the connection like a conduit. Imo it was Dean’s wiseass comment that got him noted and picked that time.

    And regarding why the reaper didn’t heal Roy totally I have to say I never thought about it but now that you bring it up I’d say maybe Sue Ann hadn’t perfected her hold over the reaper yet? Maybe something was missing from the ritual? Could have been a misfire.