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    March 18, 2021 at 5:25 pm #6389

    That opening teaser was so well done! The slow build of tension…I was worried something would happen in the alley, but who knew it would happen in the apartment!? Meredith’s murder was so creepy and shocking. Love that. I also love how creative they were with showing us the demon throughout this episode. Showing a shadow on the walls is cheap to create, but it was used so effectively.
    Question: Why would the daeva leave a blood splatter pattern that would lead the Winchesters to it? Did Meg order that, so the Winchesters would come to Chicago and John would follow them there? If the daeva is as feral as Dean described, I doubt it would come up with that idea on its own.

    Plot armor alert, PNP: Dean is and will forever be the man, but there’s NO way in hell he saw a pattern in that blood splatter. No way. Also, Meg and Sam walked several blocks in the rain, but their hair and jackets were completely dry 😊. It’s magic!

    I must’ve really missed JDM! I was so happy to finally see him. I love how casually John asks if the person who fell out the window was the bad guy – as if his sons send people flying out windows all the time. 🙂

    It’s sad that Sam bad mouths Dean when he’s not around. And it must have further broken Dean’s heart to hear Sam say he plans to leave again after they kill the demon, when all Dean wants is for them to be a family again. I get that Sam still wanted to be independent back then but dam, bro – can you leave a little meat on the bones, please? I hate watching that scene, because it’s clear how much Dean hurts without saying much. Jensen was so masterfully expressive, even back then.
    Along those same lines, at the end of the episode, it must have killed Dean to have to be the one to say they should part ways with John again, after such a brief reunion. Jensen’s acting (and JDM’s too) was again incredible during that scene at the car. And kudos to the makeup folks for making all three of the actors look so bloody and tattered!