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    LAAAATE to the party…sorry.

    This is such great episode and so so sad to me. The emotional rollercoaster it takes the brothers AND the audience on is impressive.

    Love that we finally see John interacting with the boys. Love the exploration of the family drama and dynamic between the three of them.

    The monster is wonderfully scary because, really, what’s scarier than something you can’t really see coming and which can inflict THIS much damage in seconds??? Even experienced hunters like John have no real way of defense. I know I’m jumping ahead, but I always thought Sam’s idea with the flare to fight off shadow monsters was pretty genius.

    I also very much like this Meg. She is oozing danger and disregard for human life and all that in a very petite package. It’s very effective. I agree with you JBB that her use of the vessels sex appeal is really devious and super creepy.

    I agree with both of you on the stretch of writing where it comes to the blood spatter, haha, especially as the symbol Dean magically sees in the dots of gore is a) unfamiliar to him and b) doesn’t even include ALL of the largest splotches of blood. BUT….he’s Dean effin’ Winchester and our super hero. I’m good with that.

    I love the little diddy about how they now have to invest money into silly (to Dean) disguises.

    You both already said most of what covers my thoughts and feelings about the emotional core of this episode – FAMILY. Sam’s hopefulness at the possibility that THIS could be IT and they could be “done” after this hunt was as emotionally raw as was Dean’s shock and disappointment to hear that Sam was wishing for nothing more than to get back to his college life. And although it makes sense to me at this point in the story that Sam still has some type of wish to have a different life from what he grew up with….I DO agree, Kate, that it was pretty insensitive of him to rub that in Dean’s face here. I don’t actually think he meant that he wants to be away from Dean as much as he doesn’t want to be trapped in the hamsterwheel of hunting and pain and ugliness that often comes with it BUT he should know better and have seen how deeply a statement like that would hurt Dean. (YES, I changed my tune on this a little, kate38!!)

    The scene between all three Winchesters is BRILLIANTLY written AND acted by all three actors. There is SO MUCH that is NOT said, but which we can read between the lines. I love that. The relief on Dean’s face to see his dad in one piece is completely convincing. Sam’s almost vibrating with tension and you can see that he WANTS to hug his dad and be glad that he’s there but he’s not sure about the welcome. And JDM has the perfect way to come across as both warm and authoritative – it’s impressive. They all three don’t seem to be ACTING, they just ARE the characters. It definitely is what made me fall in love with the show so hard. They are completely believable.

    And to have that relief at being together again immediately ripped away again is so heartbreaking all around. But it also serves super well to give us another glimpse into their dynamic – Dean the mediator and sensible one; Sam the hot-headed son who wants to be taken seriously but behaves irrationally; John the “dictator” who won’t accept that his sons are grown up and don’t really need protecting…It’s all right there in just a few moments. AMAZING.