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    April 10, 2021 at 9:15 pm #7058

    I always thought the was a fun episode but with every rewatch it has gained more relevance to the zeitgeist for me. With everything going on NOW with social media, manipulation of public opinion, herds of sheep running with some screwed up “leader’s” opinion and so on…..this episode seems so ahead of its time.

    I also do like the Ghostfacer dudes. They are so charmingly clueless and overconfident. HA. Their weird camper lair is hilarious to me. And of course I LOVED their mantra of “WWBD” (What would Buffy Do) because….YES….I ROCKED that sticker on my car when the show was on!

    Of course they are doing the ghost hunting for ALL the wrong reasons and it is super sad that in the later episode that costs their co-worker’s life BUT here I find it amusing and a little bit of a cautionary tale NOT to bite off more that you’re willing to chew…. It’s all about how NOT to do and to leave specialty work to the experts. And that goes for the stupid kids painting the symbols in the house, too.

    The case was structured well for me too. I loved that this was something totally new to the Winchesters and they BOTH had to show their smarts and observational skills to figure it all out.

    The house was nicely creepy – I mean give me rickety stairs into a dingy basement full of glass jar with highly questionable content any day and I will shudder.

    And the MOTEL room was awesome! I would constantly hit my head on the steerhorns but it looked perfect.

    Just like you, kate, I LOVED the simple but effective approach Dean took at the end in burning the cabin down. Seemed logical to me.

    I really enjoyed the little prank war between the brother’s too – they seemed so young and careless like that – and, hey, first NICE glimpse of a Sam torso. Can’t be mad about that.