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    May 1, 2021 at 9:48 pm #7597

    LOVE the opening family scene! Dad catching up the boys on all he knows and found out. LOVE that. Finally open family discussion.

    But assuming, kate38, you are right….is John lying here or just not telling the entire truth, if he knows about Azazael’s plan for Sam? Wouldn’t he maybe told Dean here already? Taken him to the side and given him the 411? (I know, it’s better story telling the other way…) John also really seems clueless when Pastor Jim gets killed and the boys ask him if he thinks it was THE demon. Is John that good of a actor? (JDM sure is!)

    In that scene I love that John actually ASKS Sam if he has any better ideas than to check ALL six-months old babies in Salvation and Sam answers respectfully “No, Sir.” To me that always reads as it’s all Sam wants to be included in decision making and now that he gets that he is happy to defer back to John and respect him.
    I know – COMPLICATED family dynamic, but I LOVE that part so much. That’s what makes them all such interesting, layered characters.

    HEHEHE – love the little “Dean moment” at the hospital admin desk where the pretty brunette desk person asks him if she can help and he goes “Oh God yes…only, I’m working right now.” Such a flirt. And SO GORGEOUS.

    The VISION conversation is AWESOME between the Winchesters! LOVE Dean’s reaction to John’s scolding!!! Right on, Dean! John definitely is surprised about the visions, so IF he knew about Azazael’s plan….he definitely didn’t know about THAT part.
    Also it’s a huge turn around for John here from “let’s not work together because the demon is too dangerous” to “here’s the gun, go kill it yourself.”!!!???

    (GAWDY, yet DRAB brown motel room in this one. Hahaha.)
    THAT raised railroad track is probably my all time favorite scenic background on the show!!!! Glad they used it again after!
    I never understood why Azazael was still “collecting” kids at that point? Second generation? In case Sam’s gen didn’t pan out?
    I really like the BM scene in the car where Sam thanks Dean for all his support and all Dean gets from it is the implied “goodbye” just in case. It’s funny and heartbreaking. Dean thinking that he could lose BOTH of this family members in one night and NOT having it. So very “Dean”! And then NOT letting Sam run back into the building!
    Question: Sam SAW in his vision that the clock in Rosie’s room stops at 9:45 PM…..shouldn’t that have been a pretty easy way to know exactly when to bust into the house? LOL. Instead they are sitting for hours in the car in front of the house?

    And, GODS, that final scene between Sam and Dean RIPS my heart out every time. The little change from “all we have” to “all I have” when Dean talks about the family is so important at that moment and SO SAD! It clearly speaks of him not trusting yet that Sam will stay. Sniff.

    Very good episode and great build up to the finale.

    Watching these three last episodes of season 1 in one go is a real treat as it created SUCH thick tapestry of material for all of the following 14 seasons. It always amazes me that we got so little actual screen time from John but the little we got made him into such monumental and touchstone element of the show!!! They were certainly magic together! I am still grateful that we had this at all.