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    June 5, 2021 at 1:22 pm #8263

    REALLY, you love it??? I HATE clowns and always found this episode really creepy. Of course, that’s the point and I get it.
    I do find the case interesting and am glad that the KIDS were not the ones harmed but that they are bait to get to the parents.

    I kinda love how in the early seasons the brother’s first instinct and guess was mostly “spirit” or “ghost” and how they slowly learn more and more TOGETHER with us. They rely so often on someone else (Ellen in this case, Bobby most often) to tell them what they are hunting instead of researching it themselves….it really shows their growth in later seasons. They learned from the best (John, his journal, Bobby, Ellen etc) before they become completely self-sufficient. That, too, makes them more interesting to me. They weren’t all knowing or superior in the beginning – they just acted on heart, instinct, training and good guidance from a reliable network and the grew into some badass hunters who save the world – a lot – over time right before our eyes.
    AH, SINGLE MAN TEAR at the pyre!!
    Love the slight role reversal here when Sam is the one who wants to storm off and DO something to revenge John and Dean is the one with the cool head and logic that they have NOTHING to go on for the time being. It also establishes the pattern if Dean internalizing his struggles when Sam wants to talk it out and share his pain. Glad some things stayed consistent all the way through…lol….even if it’s the dysfunctional ones. The did learn to deal with it better over the years and I’m glad for that, too.
    This whole episode has a really palpable undercurrent of Sam’s guilt to have parted with John in anger and Dean’s worry that Sam will up and leave at any moment – even before they each actually say that. And we can also see clearly how they struggle to see a way forward, without John, with each other, unsure what and who to trust. Of course, they got each other’s back in dangerous situations, but what happens during the rest of the time? It’s hard to watch, but well played.

    The introduction of the Roadhouse, Jo and Ellen is FANTASTIC! Continuing the SPN tradition of STRONG independent, self-reliant FEMALE characters!! They feel real and honest to me. Multi-layered and relatable as a mother-daughter relationship with all the love and all the frustration that comes with it.

    And Ash is just a GEM. I always wanted him to have played a little bit bigger of a role and have a few more episodes. It was a real shame to lose him this quickly.

    Sam’s hair is EXTRA stupid in early season 2!!! Dean though looks extra fine! A bit more grown up from last season and gorgeous. His eyes seem HUGE in this episode.

    Good episode that deepens our understanding of the many layers of the brotherly relationship.