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    I agree with PigNaPoke on this episode.

    “God, I hate clowns… They always creep me out.”
    From the first line of dialogue I think it’s apparent this episode truly was written for those of us that grew up like Sam, creeped out by, or even perhaps terrified of, clowns!
    For the record, I’m afraid of flying and clowns! (“Planes crash!” “And apparently clowns kill.”)

    I like that they learned a little lesson about assumptions in the end of this episode. Don’t assume the blind guy is blind. Don’t assume the guy that looks like his father in the picture is actually just himself years later. Though it would have fit the lore nicely into a neat bow, it could also get you killed if there isn’t a calliope handy to kill the monster.

    And Ash, well he stole a piece of my heart immediately, of course. Between practically reprising his Fast Jesse role and sharing beliefs of ghosts, how could he not? Yeah Chad! 🤜