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    “OK – I am still baffled why demons have no issues with hallowed ground, but ghost do? hahah.”

    LOL! If it makes you feel any better, ghosts don’t have a problem with holy ground after that one episode in season 1. In “Houses of the Holy”, the ghost of a dead priest has no problem appearing in a church — once when summoned (which I guess can be excused because he was summoned) and once when Dean and Sam come to the church to investigate a case. And many seasons later, in “Paint it Black”, the ghost of a dead nun haunts a church and kills people there. I’d chalk that holy ground thing up to season 1 plot inconsistency, and the show trying to get its legs under itself.

    And speaking of glitches, demons can teleport. So, instead of trying to walk through holy water, why didn’t Meg and her brother just teleport around it? Is this a plot-armor moment?


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