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    June 16, 2021 at 4:54 pm #8390

    As much as I LOVE Rachel Miner as Meg, Nikki Aycox is wonderful! She’s SO easy to hate!!

    I wish we’d gotten to see more of Pastor Jim before he died. A priest who’s a hunter could’ve been an interesting character. And John seemed really broken up by his murder. John must have trusted and respected him a lot, since we know John left the boys with him when they were little.

    Maybe a bad edit, but did you guys notice that when John pulls off to the side of the road (upon learning that Pastor Jim is dead), Sam is on his cell phone when he gets out of the car, but the episode never makes reference to who Sam is talking to. I wonder if Jared was on his phone, or if Sam was 🙂

    Speaking of that roadside scene, I like how John hip-checks Sam when Sam questions John’s plan. I know, I know…

    Did you guys recognize the nurse Dean flirted with? She was Veritas in season 6 “You Can’t Handle the Truth”. And little Rosie’s mother was Dean’s former guitar teacher in “Bad Boys” :).

    I’ve often wondered how much John knew about Azazel’s plan, and when. In “In My Time of Dying”, John tells Azazel that he’s known about the demon’s plan “for a while”, and there isn’t much time between this episode and that one for John to learn very much. So, either John was lying, or he knew a lot about the demon’s plan and chose not to share that with the boys.

    The scene when John hears Caleb dying and decides to try to trick Meg is so telling. His exhaustion and despair are palpable. He misses Mary so much and just wants all the suffering and fear to be over for all of them. My heart broke for him. And in that scene at the trestle bridge, Dean is so desperate to not Lose John. My heart broke for both of them.