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    June 16, 2021 at 5:58 pm #8394

    We so rarely get to see the exterior of Bobby’s house! I have always loved the blue-collar grittiness of the early seasons. I love the bunker set, but miss the vibe of those early seasons.

    Speaking of Bobby, I can’t say enough positive things about Jim Beaver or Bobby as a character. I just love them both! I never doubted his devotion to the boys for a single second.

    That exorcism scene is pretty intense! I wonder what Bobby expected the brothers to do, though. When Meg had given up part of John’s location, Bobby told the boys that driving out the demon would kill Meg. Did he expect them to leave her possessed?

    Once again, we see Dean use and EMF meter to detect demons. We also saw that on the plane in Phantom Traveler, but it quickly falls by the wayside after season 1. I’m kind of glad — that would’ve made things too easy.