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    June 16, 2021 at 6:05 pm #8396

    “Another thing that didn’t stick around was the idea of demons passing like a virus from person to person by mere touch. It makes it way to easy for demons to run the world. I like to think humans are a bit more resilient to evil influence of demons and not just weak targets.”

    I thought that was cool, too! There was a movie that used a similar device. I can’t recall the title, but Denzel Washington was a cop (I think) and he was tracking a murderer that was a demon possessing people and using their vessels to commit murders. In one scene, someone is running down a crowded street, trying to get away from the demon. And instead of physically chasing the person, the demon just touches another person and passes from person to person that way. It’s very chilling.
    Anyway, although it’s a cool trick, it’s not as much fun as watching a demon smoke out 🙂