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    Also loved (and could watch it on an endless loop) Dean rushing to sit in the “normal” chair in the office of the carnival runner and making Sam sit in the carved clown chair; and Sam looking so very uncomfortable doing it. Just perfect acting. I also really liked that their faces are still beaten up from the car crash and previous episode. I did not like the later episodes when Cas could magically heal them; I liked that early consistency; that reminder that they had really got through some rough physical stuff!

    YES! I always forget about that scene and laugh at it each time I watch this episode!

    I also love the fact that with the reveal of the Road House and a community of hunters we get yet another new view of John’s upbringing of the boys! We already heard from Bobby that John wasn’t the easiest to get along with and now we hear/see it again that John really was a loner and kept the boys isolated from the hunter community at large. I always wished that we would have found out why! Was John somehow still hoping that this was all temporary and he would eventually get away from the hunter life and therefore didn’t want the boys to associate too much with the community of “outlaws”?