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    HAHAHA – JBB! Too funny. ZOMBIE GIRLFRIEND, that’s what it’s about….well on the surface.

    What I enjoyed about this episode the most was that Sam and Dean really have to figure the whole case out from scratch. There isn’t much help from John’s journal. They stumble around from theory to theory from ghost to angry spirit to finally zombie. I also appreciate that the zombie lore here is derived from GREEK origins – not Caribbean Hoodoo or similar often used concepts!

    To me the most important elements of this episode are the brother moments. First the fight Sam and Dean have, or better, the way Sam confronts Dean and doesn’t let him wiggle out of it with lame excuses. Dean IS scary – still not dealing with John’s death, avoiding all talk about it, driven and harsh on the case, jumping to conclusions quickly when they JUST had a case showing that wasn’t such good idea. Then Dean’s breakdown about the guilt he feels and how Sam can’t help.
    These scenes between them fighting on the street and then Dean’s apology and later confession are beautifully raw and full of real palpable emotion.
    Their chemistry so early in the run of the show is already magical to watch!

    Couple of funny things about the episode:
    It took me a couple of times watching this episode, but when you listen closely you hear that Sam is watching the “Skin Channel” in the hotel room and that “Casa Erotica” is next! HAHAHA. I think that is the first time we hear about that particular “educational program”! And also, Sam shouldn’t be so harsh on Dean’s habits then, I guess!

    I remember that a bts feature revealed that Jared split his pants filming the graveyard chase scene in the end and I believe is also broke his arm in the same sequence.