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    July 4, 2021 at 12:21 pm #8527

    Yup. You pretty much said all the things I loved about this one, too.

    You really feel an urgency in this episode, too.

    Dean feeling helpless to do something for Sam when he’s in pain like that.

    Sam getting more anxious about what it all means and why it’s happening.

    I also love Andy and how he is using his gift of mind control JUST to get by. He’s not amassing wealth or trying to hurt people with it. He’s not trying to life a grand life. He just wants to live comfortably, read Nietzsche and smoke a giant bong in his tricked out van. That is both adorable and hilarious to me. Live and let live.
    And I love the way Dean looks almost envious of that for a moment, when they find the van, showing again that he, too, doesn’t expect much from live but would love to have a little low down fun every once in a while. Appreciating the little things….hahaha.

    All Andy’s benevolent use of his powers makes the evil twin so much more effective. The idea of being forced to do something against your will and being in fully aware of it at the same time is terrifying to me. The way Anson is forcing his will on Andy’s girlfriend making her powerless but still compliant was a very creepy and almost worse than if she would have been physically raped. NOT that I want take any horror out of physical rape what’s so ever!!!! But with the mental abuse/rape she couldn’t even TRY to fight back. Both Andy and Anson weren’t physically imposing, so she probably had a fair chance to fight her way out of the situation, but that option was taken away from her and THAT made it the worst for me. SUPER creepy.

    Although heartbreaking for Andy, I do appreciate a lot that the girlfriend couldn’t trust him after he, too, used his powers on her, even if it was to save her. A “happy ending” would have been so wrong here.

    As with many interesting characters over the years, I wish they would have used Andy in another episode somehow before AHBL 1. I would have loved to know how he was coping, making use of his powers, maybe for good.

    But all in all a really good episode.