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    August 4, 2021 at 3:33 pm #9081

    I LOVE almost all of Journey’s songs, and 😊 “Wheel in the Sky” is a classic 😊. Although I didn’t listen to AC/DC before this show, “Back in Black” is pretty much a classic, too. That road scene at the beginning is PERFECT in just about every way. I loved seeing Dean SO happy to drive his rebuilt Baby!

    I didn’t really like Gordon as a character, but I really liked what Sterling did with this role. It was also nice to see another hunter in action, even though Gordon wasn’t the best example of how to do the job properly. He gave a good example of how seeing the world in black-and-white is dangerous. It was a valuable contrast to how the brothers came to view monsters.

    It was so sad listening to Dean characterize how he felt about John. I’m sure in Dean’s eyes, John Winchester was unstoppable – until he wasn’t. It’s unfortunate that Dean couldn’t share his sorrow with Sam. I think Sam was wrong, by the way. I don’t think Dean was trying to “replace” John. Dean simply needed to talk to someone who would understand his feelings, and that person wasn’t Sam. Although, at the end of the episode Sam admitted that John did the best he could, Sam had always seemed more fixated on John’s flaws than on his attributes at that point in the show. I can understand why Dean was reluctant to expose his feelings. That was made worse, of course, because Dean suspected John had made a deal to save him, and was suffering because of that. Anyway, I think Dean was right to keep his feelings from Sam. I just wish he’d had someone other than Gordon to talk to. Of course, Sam was right about not killing Lenore, so there’s that…

    Plot armor question: If vampires can hear your heartbeat from half a block away, how did Gordon sneak up on that vamp in the teaser segment? He also caught Lenore by surprise? Also, it’s interesting that Dean and Sam didn’t know about vampires until they hunted one with John last season, but suddenly Dean can recognize a retractable vampire fang.

    I know that halo shot of Jensen at the end of the episode is famous. I agree that it should be! But there’s a shot when the vamps are bringing Sam to the nest – the truck is crossing a bridge, and the lighting is simply gorgeous! It looks like natural light, too – like they were still filming as the sun was getting ready to rise. Stunning!