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    This is one of those episodes when I didn’t find the case or guest actors interesting AT ALL, but the story that evolved between the brothers is what made the episode valuable to me.

    I’ve often wondered what was on that chain Dean was wearing around his neck when they were at the graveyard. We never saw Dean wear it in any other episode before or since. Some fans have theorized that it’s John’s dog tags, but Dean was still wearing the chain after Sam buried the dog tags. Theories?

    I was annoyed that Sam accused Dean of “inventing” a case when there was obviously something weird at the dead girl’s grave. If anything, Sam’s guilt about John’s death clouded his own judgement and caused him to overlook a case that he should’ve recognized. Sigh…

    It’s a pretty cool aspect of the lore that zombies cause plants around them to die. I don’t think we saw that in “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”. It’s a shame – that would’ve been a fun clue. Those zombies also died from head shots. Maybe it depends on how the zombie is raised? Or maybe it’s another continuity error.

    One of my all-time favorite shots of Jensen is in this episode. After the brothers leave the professor’s house the second time, and Sam is confronting Dean about his behavior, Dean turns to talk to Sam and WOW! That shot of Jensen when he’s looking at Sam is just breathtaking! Gotta love those Kim Manners close ups 😊

    Speaking of favorite shots, I LOVE that camera shot when Dean pulls off to the side of the road to talk to Sam about his guilt over John’s death. It is SO well done! That whole scene is fabulous. Jensen is perfection, as always, and the lighting and camera work are exceptional.