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    August 13, 2021 at 2:35 pm #9138

    The main thing I liked about this episode is that it went a long way toward putting the psychic kids’ abilities into perspective. It started to feel like most of these psychics were truly dangerous and that Sam’s “gift” was an exception. Poor Dean – trying so hard to protect and reassure Sam, when he himself had so many doubts.

    Ashe is adorable! “Guess I’ll need my pants.” LOL!

    I don’t like Andy. I don’t like that he probably mind-controlled that attractive blonde into sleeping with him. And I don’t like that he chose to quit his job, default on all his bills and live in a dorky van. To me, he seemed like a loser who used his abilities to take advantage of people and skip out on life. He also Jedi-mind-tricked Dean into giving up the Impala. That alone is unforgivable!

    Possible plot hole? Mary’s deal is what brought Azazel into Sam’s nursey 10 years later. So, the other psychic kids also had mothers who made deals, right? In this episode, the woman who burned herself alive was Andy’s mother and Anson’s mother. But the records Sam found said that Andy’s adopted “family” had a nursery fire when Andy was 6 months old, but Anson’s adopted family didn’t have a fire. They had the same mother before they were adopted to different families, so she’s the one who would’ve made the deal, right? If so, the fire shouldn’t have happened at Andy’s adopted family’s house, because that family never made a deal. Later, we meet Ava Wilson, whose mother never died and who never had a nursery fire. Maybe those mothers (Ava’s mother and Anson’s mother) didn’t interfere when Azazel showed up, so there was no fire and they didn’t die? But that still doesn’t explain Azazel showing up at Andy’s house when his adopted family never made a deal.