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    August 14, 2021 at 6:43 pm #9147

    AH, yes….Hendricksen and the FBI. Unpopular opinion but I never liked the involvement of the FBI as a story line. Its too big, too official. Too “real”. To me that’s something that would never really go away. So why go there? The Winchesters have enough on their plate without having to worry about Federal surveillance on them. Also, from a story perspective it didn’t add anything for me that they now had to fly extra carefully under the radar. They are operating on back roads and in the shadows as is.

    Was this supposed to give us another “outside perspective” on the Winchesters? That they could be seen as militant redneck survivalists? How is that helpful or interesting when we already know the truth of what they are doing and how they are helping people? It’s just not working for me.

    The episode itself is just so so for me. Ronald’s the best thing in it and the whole “who is it” thing drags on a little too long for me. Plus ,we never find out what the shifter is actually there for? So what’s the whole point?

    FUNNY flirting by Dean at the beginning. And what’s with Sam’s slimy hair!?

    LOVE RONALD! Poor guy. So observant, but X-Files misguided. He’s a great character and the actor superb at bringing him to life. The whole scene with Sam, Dean and Ronald at the beginning is wonderful. Dean is really impressed with Ronald’s “investigation” and I believe he’s fully prepared to tell Ron the truth and then Sam shuts is down HARD. SO FUNNY. Ronald is kinda like Frank Deveraux 1.0 HAHA! And SUCH great wordless acting by Jensen again.

    Sad to think, though, that Ronald would most likely still be alive by the end if Sam HAD told him the truth from the start. Maybe he could have been helpful. I get Sam wanted to protect Ron, but in the end NOT telling him the truth forced Ron into ill-advised action and got him killed.

    A few positive things:
    – AWESOME beer bottle room divider in the crap motel!!
    – I say “Okie Dokie”….would Dean like ME, too?
    – One of my favorite episode endings ever!!!