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    “Okay; yes, it was cool that they GOT Linda Blair (and funny Exorcist reference by Dean at the end with the pea soup reference and the “does she look familiar to you?”), BUT she was not very good here. OVERACTED from start to finish. Her only expression of shock or surprise was an open mouth which she did ALL THE TIME. My spouse, who had never seen this one, guessed the “bad guy” first time he showed up to question Dean. So Linda Blair fell VERY flat for me here.”

    Hiya, JBB 🙂
    I actually thought Linda Blair did a decent job here. I thought she made a convincing cop when she was interrogating Sam at the station. She had ZERO chemistry with the cop she supposedly was having an affair with, though. That part did leave me flat. Somewhere else in this thread, it’s mentioned that the writers dumbed her down to make Sam look smarter and in control. It felt that way to me, too.