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    August 26, 2021 at 8:33 pm #9230

    WOW, what a roller coaster, so gripping!

    Another really strong Jared episode. He is SO SCARY and creepy when Meg is in him!!! I always really admired that especially after knowing more about Jared and how he is nothing like that.

    I really liked the moment at the beginning where Dean finds Sam in the motel and Sam tell him totally defeated and beaten down that he doesn’t remember anything. Dean has the perfect “oh, CRAP” look on his face while Sam seems resigned to the idea that “this is it” and no one need to say out loud that BOTH are worried that this might be the moment Sam turned to the dark side.

    LOVE Dean’s disdain about the vintage beetle! HA

    Also really love watching Dean stoically NOT panicking. You can see clearly how freaked out he is and how much he won’t allow himself to let it surface. The tension between them and inside each of them is amazingly portrayed. It feels REAL. Dean worrying that Sam is slipping, and that John might have been right after all. And we think Sam is convinced that it’s too late already.

    It really comes as a surprise when we finally find out for sure it’s NOT Sam but something who wants Dean to kill Sam. SO SMART and great writing twist.

    Dean’s conviction that he won’t kill Sam, no matter what, is very revealing and touching. At the beginning he is NOT sure that this isn’t all Sam, but he says he’s rather die than kill Sam, echoing the sentiment from Croatoan that he won’t go on without his brother. And at the end in the car when he tells Sam that he’ll save Sam if it’s the last thing he’ll do….well, as we come to know…that’s exactly what he does.

    And I LOVE Dean clocking Sam one in the end. I can totally feel him knowing that it’s not SAM’S fault, but he’s pissed as hell anyway for what he’s been through with this whole mess. HA!

    I really enjoy Jo in this, too. She is strong and resillient and I like her realistic understanding that it’s JUST not going to happen with Dean when she says “no, you won’t” after he promises to call her.

    I really love watching old episodes and seeing so much more in hindsight how they fit into the BIG picture of the show. Even if not all details stayed consistent…..they did a pretty impressive job over this many season to keep most of it consistent.