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    August 29, 2021 at 3:42 pm #9374

    I liked this one. I LOVED the creepy hotel, spooky dolls, the clear reference to “The Shining” (one of my favorite Stephen King books), and a good old-fashioned ghost story with a cool reveal near the end. I LOVED how they made us think there were two daughters until the reveal. That was fun.

    I LOVE the music in this one. The blues playing in the motel room, the music when Dean and Sam roll into town – nicely done!

    Sorry, Jared fans, but that scene when Sam was drunk was pretty poorly acted, IMO. When he says “Who knows what I might become?”, I just cringe. So plastic. Jensen’s acting saved that scene as much as he could, but it still sticks out to me as one where Jared missed the mark by quite a bit. By the way, Sam – nice job putting even more pressure on Dean, cause that’s exactly what he needed.

    Great dive into the pool by Jared’s stunt guy! The action in that whole scene captured just the right amount of tension. In fact, the pace of this entire episode was spot on.