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    September 1, 2021 at 4:04 pm #9502

    Whenever I rewatch, I always look forward to this episode as a fun ride!

    I love Dean schmoozing the flirtatious jewelry store witness in the beginning! LOL! People accuse young Dean of being cocky. I don’t think he’s ever been cocky. He’s confident – and for good reason! I like that he enjoys women and doesn’t have a stick up the chute like Sam does. As much as he’s suffered and sacrificed in his life, I say the guy is entitled to some women and booze 😊

    The beer bottle inspired motel room for Milwaukee is adorable.

    I like Ronald 😊. He did a nice job of putting the case together (except for the mandroid part) and he had no problem whatsoever believing in shapeshifters. I was genuinely disappointed when he got shot.

    I LOVE the scene when Ronald is “not-robbing” the bank and Dean talks him down. Jensen was SO convincing! Well, he always is, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    The case was fun, too. I liked the shell game – “find the freak” .

    I enjoyed Victor Henricksen in this one, too! His intro gave us an excellent snapshot of him as a character – smart, resourceful, tenacious, verbally “agile” and creative – so many of the things I admire about Dean. I’ve thought, more than once, that the writers were initially trying to make Victor sort of a parallel to the Winchesters. He had a little smile on his face at the end when he realized they’d escaped – like he respected the brilliance it took to come up with that plan. I think, on some level, Victor did respect the brothers as adversaries. Victor is smart in many of the same ways they are, and they had some challenges trying to stay ahead of him once he was on their trail. Unfortunately, the writers didn’t continue to develop him in that way. In “Jus in Bello” I remember thinking that Victor would make an amazing hunter, which his law enforcement skills and tenacity. As soon as he was aware of demons, he started working the problem “Okay. Tell me how we survive this.” He didn’t need “the talk” to get on board. I know I was supposed to NOT like him, but I couldn’t help liking him anyway. I’ve always respected him as a worthy antagonist to the brothers. And I do wish he’d survived to become a hunter.

    LOVE the original music when the SWAT teams and cops are assembling. I have to give another shout out to Jay Gruska and Chris Lennertz for their creativity. Speaking of music, the “Great Escape” at the end is one of my FAVORITE moments from the entire series. BRILLIANT idea! I love it when the writers show us how smart these guys are. And “Renegade” is just the cherry on top 😊