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    September 1, 2021 at 4:15 pm #9503

    “AH, yes….Hendricksen and the FBI. Unpopular opinion but I never liked the involvement of the FBI as a story line. Its too big, too official. Too “real”. To me that’s something that would never really go away. So why go there? The Winchesters have enough on their plate without having to worry about Federal surveillance on them. Also, from a story perspective it didn’t add anything for me that they now had to fly extra carefully under the radar. They are operating on back roads and in the shadows as is.”

    Hey, PNP!!

    I think the writers did this because it was the elephant in the room. These guys commit SO many crimes that if the cops never came after them, fans would’ve wondered why. It did feel like they’d put the “Dean is a murderer” thing to bed after the shifter died in “Skin”, but then the writers resurrected that with “Usual Suspects”, so they sorta had to see it through.
    I kinda like the involvement of law enforcement. I like Victor Henricksen, so there’s that. I also like that the rug keeps getting pulled from under the brothers’ feet, but they still keep moving forward. By season 3, not only are they trying to save Dean from hell and solve cases along the way, but the law is still after them in a big way. I appreciate the tension that story line adds.