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    The one thing I appreciate most about this episode is how the brothers sort of switched mindsets. In the beginning, Sam admitted praying and having hope that (perhaps through divine intervention) he could somehow overcome evil and be saved. But by the end of the episode, he clearly had doubts and may have started losing hope and faith. In contrast, Dean started the episode not having faith, but the inexplicable way the would-be rapist died clearly made him wonder about God’s will.

    This case was interesting. I appreciate the misdirection. Question: This priest/ghost was able to make people feel calm and experience religious ecstasy. He was also able to read minds. Have we seen a spirit before, or since, who could do anything like that? I don’t think so…

    I like Father Reynolds a lot. Such a gentle and understanding soul. The actor was very good.

    Plot armor alert: There’s NO way Sam saw those scratches and a single finger nail partially covered in plaster from ACROSS THE ROOM in a darkened basement. Also, Dean following a guy in a ’67 Chevy is anything but inconspicuous.

    Dean is hilarious! “Magic Fingers” 😊. Give that man ALL the quarters 😊

    I LOVE that moment at the very end. The brothers have a beautiful broment while “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” gently plays in the background. Simply lovely.

    Speaking of lovely, the overall lighting and dark, brooding mood of this episode are amazing. SO.WELL.DONE.