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    September 1, 2021 at 8:57 pm #9518

    I will NEVER get tired of seeing Big Brother Dean to the rescue! Although it seemed (probably just my impression) that he hadn’t slept for days, he doesn’t even begin to relax until he knows he’s found Sam and he thinks Sam is okay. He smashes Steve Wandell’s computer, wipes all Sam’s prints, and does everything he can to protect Sam from the law and other hunters. Protective Dean makes my meatsuit all dewy 😉 😉

    I like how this one was written. We (the audience) find out what happened essentially at the same time Dean is finding out. I like how the clues slowly reveal what’s going on. I also like the shocking reveal at the bar with the holy water.

    When I list/recall the funniest one-off witnesses in the whole series, the convenience store guy makes my top ten. He’s so funny and pissed off! And the actor totally sells it.

    It’s interesting that Sam confessed having feelings of rage and hate “for a few weeks”, but he was only possessed for about 1 week. That suggests that some of that rage is just plain Sam. Maybe the emergence of Azazel and the other psychic kids had something to do with amplifying Sam’s negative feelings? Much later, in “Sam Interrupted”, Sam confessed that he spends a lot of time being angry without knowing why. I suspect that’s just an aspect of Sam’s personality. I’m not even sure I can blame the demon blood for all of it.

    When Dean and Sam are talking and Sam tries to convince Dean to kill him, Meg emerges at some point and knocks Dean out. I wonder how much of that conversation was Meg talking and not Sam.

    I like the song that plays when Sam arrives at Jos’s bar, and I miss Dean’s cell phone ring tone. I also like the patch-up scene. Jensen TOTALLY sold that!

    Sam was possessed for a whole week, but didn’t leave sulfur trace anywhere? Also, aren’t demons trapped inside a devil’s trap supposed to be powerless? Meg broke the devil’s trap while inside it. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a devil’s trap? Were those plot armor moments? Or maybe careless writing?