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    September 2, 2021 at 2:09 pm #9525

    I’ve never been a giant fan of Gabriel/Trickster/Loki. He was fun for a short time, but I found him tedious after a few episodes. That said, this episode was probably the most fun I’ve had with that character in the whole series. I think I prefer Richard Speight, Jr. as a director (I really liked “Stuck in the Middle With You”) than as any of the characters he’s played in this series.

    RSJ aside, I kinda’ like the concept of a “Trickster”. A being that can manipulate reality, and seeks to punish evildoers and bullies would’ve been fun to explore further. I’m disappointed that in Supernatural canon, the Trickster never really existed aside from being a cover story for Gabriel.

    Plot armor alert: I’m sure Sam has seen plenty of alligators (wink, wink), so he could immediately identify a belly scale embedded in the remains of a dead guy. That scene would’ve had more credibility if Sam had recognized the object as some sort of reptile scale, and then later he researched it and realized it was from the belly of an alligator.

    There are a few things I liked about this episode:

    I chuckle at the HILARIOUS differences in the stories the brothers are each telling Bobby from their own perspective. Of course, I’m sure the truth lies someplace in the middle, as if often does. But the fact that the brothers saw and interpreted those situations SO differently makes me chuckle every time.

    I LOVE how Bobby came to their rescue, and how he IMMEDIATELY figured out what the problem was.

    I enjoyed the chemistry between Jensen and Jared in this one, and the fun dynamic between the brothers. They’ve learned how to push each other’s buttons artfully! And being on the road together all the time MUST expose some of both brothers’ most annoying habits and quirks. I chuckle when Dean is eating chili fries on Sam’s bed! That scene always makes me want chili fries. (Dang! Just thinking about it makes me want chili fries. BALLS!)

    The wordless apology at the end was very sweet. The eye contact, the timing, the mutual (wordless) agreement to not make each other say the actual words. So adorable. And I LOVE Bobby’s response: “You guys are breaking my heart. Could we please just leave?” LOL!!

    I try to not take this episode too seriously. I think it was the writers having some fun. For that purpose, it was okay enough.


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