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    September 2, 2021 at 2:17 pm #9527

    “The part between the brothers was the best part. Love how smart Bobby is. That he saw Sam and Dean’s behavior as the biggest clue. And why is it so much fun to see Sam and Dean yell at each other??? I mean, not like it is in the “you leave, you never come back” way of later episodes, but in this one, I loved watching them lose it with each other. They even apologized at the end, though, yes, Bobby is right; don’t stop and talk and apologize while you want to get out of there before the cops find the body of the Trickster!”

    You’re right, JBB!
    Watching the brothers argue in this one was fun — for me it was because we knew there wouldn’t be any real consequences. As you said, it’s not like they’re gonna fight and separate or anything like that. This was harmless — maybe like the practical joke episode a while back.