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    September 7, 2021 at 12:42 pm #9563

    I like the plot twist/reveal at the end of this one. It’s what I remember first when I think about the episode. The atmosphere was also PERFECT throughout – cold, snow, rain, dark, depressing, spooky cabin, creepy ghost dude, and a story that kept me guessing – this episode checked off all the right boxes in that regard. The lighting in that last scene was also gorgeous! I don’t even care if it was CGI; it didn’t look it to me 😊.

    In retrospect (i.e. when I rewatch) it’s hard to not pity Molly. It was also nice to see a spirit go peacefully instead of flaming away like most of them do.

    I like Sam’s explanation for vengeful spirits and how they hang on, etc. It’s a rare early-season Sam moment that I enjoy watching. However, I thought this writer (Raelle Tucker) tried too hard to show the contrast between the brothers, though – Sam having pity for ghosts and Dean seeming to have none. It felt clunky and heavy handed. That’s kind of unlike her. I normally like her writing.

    Side note: I guess Raelle had to suspend the show’s canon/reality in order to make us believe that Molly wasn’t a ghost the whole time, but what’s up with her opening and closing doors by herself, moving branches out of her way, and doing other things that ghosts wouldn’t do? I guess I give the writers some latitude on this one. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to fool us.😊