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    September 7, 2021 at 1:14 pm #9565

    “It’s sweet that it’s more gray area – not just an angry spirit hurting people though we have that too with the initial victim. There are gray areas THERE too as Sam and Molly find the photo album and see that he was happy; that he wrote his wife beautiful love letters. He was not an evil person in life but the way he died changed him and made him want eternal revenge. Even Molly trying to talk to him about his wife made no difference. The idea that his wife hanged herself after his death because she didn’t want to be without him (and how about the “ancient history” of their relationship being in 1992 – geez; I half expected it to be from the ’50’s or something; not the ’90’s!) is terribly sad. So one random accident destroyed 3 out of 4 lives. Only Molly’s husband found a way to go on. It’s all SO FREAKIN’ SAD!!!!”

    You make several excellent points here, JBB. In many of the ghost cases we see, the person was wicked before death. But in this episode, Greeley and his wife were deeply in love and very happy. Greeley’s death was as tragic as his wife’s subsequent suicide. And of course, Molly’s story was tragic, too. As you said, one single accident destroyed 3 lives — PLUS all the people who died on that road over a 15-year period because of the haunting. This whole episode is just sad and tragic. I have to hand it to Raelle Tucker (again) for creating characters and a story that have such an emotional impact.