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    September 7, 2021 at 5:45 pm #9569

    I haven’t read any of your comments yet….

    What great introduction to a character like the Trickster!! Even without anything we know now, on first watching it I loved the character’s twisted sense of humor using Urban Legends to punish his victims….it’s still genius!

    GODS, the retelling of the bar scene from both Sam’s and Dean’s view is HILARIOUS even all these years later and after multiple rewatchings!!! Including Sam’s bitchy tone and the “blah blah blah”!! ALL of the fighting between them is perfectly funny and relatable – being on the road and stuck with each other could get annoying – and knowing that the truth is somewhere in the middle makes the whole thing so perfectly brotherly to me.

    And the physical “fight scene” on the bed is SO not Winchester, it really looks like two little kids fighting instead of adult hunters.

    LOVE Bobby’s implacable ways to let them retell the story and keep them on point and THEN tell them they’re IDJITS. He really feels like a dad here to me.

    Poor Jensen having to stuff his cheeks like a chipmunk….impressive how much fits!

    I also really enjoy that when it’s time to jump into action and actually face the monster, both Sam and Dean drop their crap and focus on what’s actually important.
    There are a couple of slapstick tropes (like Dean’s face stuck between one of the girl’s boobs) I could have lived without, but as a whole the final confrontation with the Trickster is fun to watch, especially because HE doesn’t fight but only watches and makes things happen. It drives the point home squarely of how powerful he actually is when his illusions are strong enough to throw around a couple of impressively large humans…. And the twist in the end that the Winchesters and Bobby didn’t actually win was nicely surprising AND immediately left me wanting more from the Trickster character. (Of course, what we got next from him was BRUTAL, if funny).

    And the almost apology between the brothers without actually using the words is PERFECT!