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    September 7, 2021 at 7:43 pm #9572

    I do agree that this one is HORRIBLY SAD, BUT I do really love it!!

    It’s hard to rewatch a movie or episode of a show I like when there is a HUGE story changing twist in it, because when you watch it again most of what made it so cool is now in the open (like the movie “6th Sense”). Yet, somehow this episode remains enjoyable to watch for me every time I have.

    Partially because of the performances, mostly of Tricia Helfer, but also the boys. I really like that that’s it! The three of them for most of the episode. No distractions.

    I love the way the story unfolds for many of the same reasons you already both mentioned. The layers in both of the ghost stories.

    Interesting that Greeley’s wife didn’t leave a ghost behind….being at peace with killing yourself is very sad as well!!

    JBB you said that you thought Sam and Dean are “supporting characters” in this episode and I agree. To me it seems that they are “guides” in this story trying to help Molly along the way to figure out she is dead.
    And Kate, you said, that it seemed heavy handed and clunky how differently Sam and Dean acted with Molly. To me that was actually a very deliberate decision on Sam and Dean’s part to play on their strength when trying to “guide” Molly to let go. Sam goes the route as the emotional support and trying to coax her into understanding and Dean spilling the blunt truths to see if THAT knocks some reaction in her loose. I don’t think Dean meant to be cruel, but he did want to jolt Molly into reality.

    YES, Molly opens doors and carries the photo album, but I didn’t take offense in that as she is SO convinces that she is still alive that she might have acquired the ability to touch objects without long practice or being an angry spirit. I can live with that. (I have a little more of a problem that Dean is able to touch Greeley when they fight….but hey….)

    I find it HUGELY brave of Molly at the end to let go after having witnessed Greely going up in flames and obviously being in pain. Because of that I also really appreciate the different choice the writers or director made with the way Molly’s spirit dissolves! It looks peaceful and beautiful.

    What DOES always crack me up in this episode is that the night never ends! As per Dean they have 2 hours to sunrise just before Molly gets snatched by Greeley, but then they have time to find them, dig up Greely, fight and burn him AND then drive Molly home before the sun rises…..was there a DeLorean parked somewhere?

    ONE last thought I had was that in a way the WHOLE mess was really DAVID’s fault as he was the one who tickled/kissed and distracted Molly while she was driving in difficult conditions….so, it is even more tragic in a way because I am sure that he couldn’t get over the fact that he was at least partially responsible for the death of two people, ON TOP OF being super sad that Molly only ever wanted to save him and never felt anything but love for him which kept her around in ghost form.