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    September 22, 2021 at 11:57 am #9967

    I don’t recall liking very much about this one. I agree with you, JBB — it was the television/film industry folks making fun of each other and the industry in general (haunted movie sets and whatnot). They even mention McG by name. I guess I can’t fault them for taking an opportunity to have some fun, but it was too silly and heavy-handed to entertain me. Maybe I should look at this episode as a cautionary tale about creators of a show being true to the story and not caving to Hollywood tropes and fan-fiction idiocy…cause that doesn’t happen to Supernatural in the final season…nope…

    I’m curious: Does anyone know when the WB became the CW? I wonder, because in one of the scenes, the producer is asking someone (I’m guessing the director) if the show can be “brighter”, and the other two people are saying it’s a horror movie, so it’s supposed to be dark; but the producer guy insists that horror doesn’t have to be dark. It makes me suspect they were making fun of the CW for forcing them to make the lighting in Supernatural “brighter”. I know that between the early seasons and season 4-ish, the show clearly got brighter because the CW forced them to. I wonder if it happened between seasons 2 and 3.

    I LOVE how Dean is always so quick on the uptake, reads situations, and blends in with different types of people. It comes up again in “Folsom Prison Blues”. It just demonstrates how savvy Dean is about human nature, and how well he can read other people and connect with them. And I agree with you, JBB — I LOVE seeing Dean having so much fun being a PA AND getting some quality time with his movie idol 😉 😉 . The dude deserves some fun!