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Vote for Supernatural in the People's Choice Awards!

November 16, 2012

once again has been nominated for People's Choice Awards! It is up for an award as Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy TV Show. We know it's OUR favorite! Let's help the show win!

Jensen and Jared also are up for the Favorite Dramatic TV Actor award. Sorry ... here you will need to choose between them! (gasp) O.O

Supernatural Blog - Supernatural Wiki

And there is one more category: Favorite TV Fan Following. Now, I KNOW we can win THIS one too, because Supernatural has the BEST FANS EVER!

Vote early, vote often -- show your support and vote NOW!

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Supernatural Season Eight Extended Promo

September 6, 2012

There is a new extended trailer out for Supernatural Season 8! Looks like this season is going to be AWESOME!

Supernatural season 8 premiers Wednesday October 3, 2012. So mark your calendars and call out of work, this is going to be a season you don't want to miss!


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Check Out Supernatural Conventions Near You

August 30, 2012

A chance to meet the cast and creators of Supernatural? Even get your picture taken with them? Yes, it's possible! And it might be easier to do than you think.

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The main purveyor of Supernatural conventions in the USA is Creation Entertainment. They are a friendly and helpful group that makes each convention fun for all. Some fans think they cannot afford to go, but if there is a con that you can reach without too much transportation cost, there are affordable ticketing options. Here is the latest on CE's "Salute to Supernatural" series:


In the UK and Germany, Rogue Events arranges Supernatural conventions. In Australia, it's Hub Productions. And there are several others around the globe:

You can also check out the the SPN Fan Wiki conventions pages, with reports and pictures from past cons attended by members. Many of us are happy to answer questions if you are ever thinking about attending your first SPN con!

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2012 Golden Paint Cans Award Nomination

August 14, 2012

SupernaturalWetpaint is hosting it's 5th Annual Golden Paint Can Awards for this year and The Supernatural Fan Wiki has been nominated (THANK YOU!) for the "Supernatural" category again this year. Below is the schedule for this year, lets see if we can win in both community votes and judges choice this year! Voting begins tomorrow, so be sure to cast your vote!


  • August 15, 2012: Nominations close and voting begins
  • November 15, 2012: Voting ends and Wiki of the Year voting will open
  • January 1, 2013: Wiki of the Year voting ends and Wetpainter of the year is announced.

Click HERE to vote (one vote per person)
Check out our past awards HERE

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Supernatural Fan Wiki Taking Mod Squad Apps!

August 4, 2012

Since its creation in October of 2007, the Supernatural Fan Wiki has grown tremendously. With hundreds of pages for a variety of sections and an ever growing number of members (currently 6,655) from all over the world happily able to edit certain sections of the wiki, we have decided it is time to open up a sign up page for new moderators!

Sign up is easy, and recommended for anyone interested in helping our community wiki grow and flourish. We are looking for motivated fans willing to moderate certain sections in need. If you are interested in volunteering your time and effort to becoming a member of the Mod Squad, please head over to the Mod Squad Sign Up page to see what is involved and what sections need moderation.

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