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TEASER: Texhoma, Texas

It’s night time and two girls are leaving the roadside bar and walking toward a car. One of the girls, Sally, is very drunk, so her friend, Angela, is holding her up and helping her walk. Sally wants to go to another party and continue drinking, but Angela tries to get her into the car so she can take her home. Suddenly, Sally feels nauseous and walks over to the corner of the building to vomit. While this is happening, Angela is attacked in her car. By the time Sally is done vomiting and walks back toward the car, Angela and her car are both gone without a trace.

Later, we see Angela tied to a chair in a basement. When she looks at her hand, she can see an intravenous catheter that is connected to a line that leads from Angela’s arm to the grill of a steel door across the room. The line is filled with Angela’s blood, and we can see that she is being slowly bled to death to feed whatever is on the other side of the door. Angela calls for help and struggles unsuccessfully to free herself. When she gets a glimpse of the monster through the grill in the door, she screams.
Dean is drinking alone in his room. From the collection of empty beer bottles next to his bed, he’s been there drinking for a while. As he drinks a beer, he uses his phone to search for a new case. When he finds an article about a woman in Texas whose friend “got raptured”, he excitedly leaves to tell Sam about the job.
Dean finds Sam in the kitchen, where Sam and Eileen have made breakfast. They encourage Dean to stay and eat, but Dean declines. He says goodbye and prepares to leave, but Sam follows him out into the corridor. During their discussion, Dean insists that he needs to get out of the bunker. He senses that Sam and Eileen would appreciate some “alone time” so he tells Sam that he’s going to take a drive to clear his head. He doesn’t tell Sam about the case before he leaves.

Dean, dressed as a fed, arrives in Texhoma, Texas and questions the sheriff about Angela’s disappearance. The sheriff dismisses the situation as a real case, insisting that because Angela’s car is gone, she likely was not abducted. He argues that she likely ran off to California to become famous, as some people from town have done in the past.

When Dean asks the sheriff why Sally would report her friend missing, the sheriff describes Sally as an unreliable drunkard with a lot of problems. He tells Dean that Sally spends a lot of time drinking at a local bar called Swayze’s. Dean thanks the sheriff for the information and leaves.

Later that evening, Dean arrives at Swayze’s. The roadside bar is very busy with patrons, and a band is playing on the stage. When Dean arrives, a waitress (Lorna) greets him and asks him to surrender his cell phone. She shows him a basket full of other phones and jokes that it’s the best way to help people party. Dean reluctantly hands over his phone and asks about Sally Anderson. Lorna replies that Sally isn’t currently there, but she will be. Dean decides to wait.

As Dean is waiting, he looks around the bar and recognizes the band’s lead singer as Lee Webb, a hunter friend of his from years before. Dean and Lee greet each other, and from their interaction it’s clear that they were once good friends, and that Lee worked jobs with Dean and John while Sam was away at Stanford. Lee tells Dean that he owns the bar, and Dean confesses that he’s working a case.

Later, we see Dean and Lee having a good time at the bar – drinking, reminiscing about John, discussing past hunts and sexual exploits, and even singing together with the band. During one of their discussions, Lee confesses that he worked a case near their current location and after that job he decided he didn’t want a hunter’s life any longer. So he bought the bar and has been running it ever since. When Dean asks Lee if he regrets walking away, Lee says he never has. Lee also says that if Dean wants a life like this, he could have it. When Dean replies that there won’t be anybody to look after the “little guy” if people like him stop hunting, Lee says there will be other hunters to take over if Dean leaves the life.

As Dean and Lee are talking, Lee finally asks what Dean is doing in town. Dean reveals the case he’s working on, and shows Lee a picture of Angela. When Lee says he doesn’t recognize the girl, Lorna reminds him that Angela is a regular at the bar.

At the bunker, Sam and Eileen are doing research – looking for signs of Lilith and Chuck. Suddenly, Eileen says she needs a break and suggests that she and Sam do something “fun”. When Sam asks what she has in mind, she looks at Sam flirtatiously. Sam takes her hand, but before anything else can happen, Castiel enters the bunker.

Sam is surprised to see Cas and asks where he’s been and why he hasn’t replied to any of Sam’s messages or texts. Cas dismisses the query and replies that he’s back now and is ready to help. When Sam awkwardly introduces Eileen, Cas is surprised because he believed Eileen was dead. Sam and Eileen explain that Eileen “got better”, so Cas doesn’t pursue any further questions. When Cas asks where Dean is, Sam replies that Dean went for a drive to clear his head, so he and Eileen have been looking for signs of Chuck and Lilith.

Cas is shocked to hear that Lilith is back. But when Sam mentions Chuck, Cas suggests that Sam’s wound, which is spiritually connected to Chuck, can possibly be used to find Chuck. Cas explains that when Sam shot Chuck, the Equalizer fired a piece of Sam’s soul. So now some of Sam’s soul is inside Chuck and they can use that to find Chuck.

During their discussion, Cas repeats his recognition that he can’t heal Sam’s wound. However, he wants to study it further, which he warns will be painful. Sam agrees, but when Cas begins using his angel powers to explore the wound, some unknown force flings Sam into the wall and knocks him unconscious.

While Eileen tends to Sam, Castiel tries to phone Dean. Cas leaves several messages on several of dean’s cell phones letting Dean know that Sam is hurt, but because Dean doesn’t have his cell phone on him, he doesn’t get Cas’ messages.

Unable to reach Dean, Castiel calls Sergei, the shaman, to ask for his help. Cas tells Sergei that Sam is injured, and because his wound is divine, Cas can’t heal him. Sergei reluctantly agrees to help after Cas threatens to kill him. As soon as Cas hangs up the phone, he calls someone else and asks for a favor, but we (the viewer) can’t tell who he’s talking to.

Later, Sergei arrives at the bunker. He is clearly impressed, because he knows about the Men of Letters and the powerful relics stored at the bunker. Castiel dismisses Sergei’s comments and takes the shaman to Sam.

Sergei passes a crystal over Sam’s body, and after his brief “examination”, he tells Cas and Eileen that Sam is dying.

Later, Dean and Lee notice a girl being bothered by two men. They confront the men and throw them out of the bar. After the exchange, Dean recognizes that Sally is the girl he rescued. D

Sometime later, the bar is closed and all the patrons are gone except for Dean and Sally. Sally tells Dean about Angels, who she describes as a good and religious person. Sally recounts what happened, and describes how Angela and her car disappeared. When Dean and Lee agree that a car can’t be “raptured”, Dean surmises that Angela was taken and her car was likely dumped somewhere. When Dean asks Lee and Lorna about nearby sites where a car could be dumped, Lee suggests Dean check a nearby lake, but Lorna interrupts him and instead recommends a nearby salvage yard. Dean tells Lee that he’ll check the salvage yard while Lee checks the lake.

When Cas demands further details about Sam’s condition, Sergei says that Sam’s soul is being stretched between Sam’s body and some other location [Likely Chuck, but since Cas didn’t tell Sergei about the Chuck connection, Sergei can only guess]. When Castiel tried to explore the wound, it made things worse. So now, the tension on Sam’s soul has increased and eventually the stress will become too great; Sam’s soul will snap, and Sam will die. However, Sergei tells Cas and Eileen that he can fix the problem.

While Dean is searching the salvage yard, he finds Angela’s car. He also finds Angela’s dead body in the trunk. Suddenly, Lee appears behind Dean. He has a gun drawn and holds Dean at gun point. Lee says “You couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you?” and uses the pistol grip to knock Dean unconscious.

Sergei mixes a poultice and dabs some onto Sam’s wound. Suddenly, Sam begins writhing in pain, but doesn’t regain consciousness. Sam appears to see glimpses of what Chuck has experienced. We see part of Chuck’s conversations with Amara and Becky, and flashbacks to when Sam shot Chuck. When Cas demands to know what is happening, Sergei tells him that he made Sam’s condition worse, and Sam will die unless Castiel gives Sergei what he wants. Sergei says he wants the Key to Death; he describes a black key that has a handle shaped like a skeleton. Apparently, the Men of Letters have the relic, which opens a door to Death’s library.

Castiel not only refuses to find the key and give it to Sergei, but Cas shows Sergei a photograph of one of Sergei’s relatives (his niece) who is being watched by Bobby. Cas tells Sergei that he will have Bobby kill the girl unless Sergei saves Sam. Sergei reluctantly complies.

Sergei returns to Sam’s bedside and recites an incantation. Sam wakes up abruptly and seems alright, but startled. The wound is still present, but Sam is stable again.

Dean wakes up in the same basement where Angela was being held earlier in the episode. He is connected to an intravenous catheter and line just like Angela was, and he can hear a monster moving behind a steel door.

Lee comes downstairs and talks to Dean. Lee chides Dean for going to the salvage yard. He goes on to explain that after the last time they hunted together, he was haunted by the monster and the people who died. He decided that the evil in the world could never be conquered by hunters. He explains that during the very last hunt he did, he found a monster that is called a marid. The creature can grant wealth, good health, and other wishes in exchange for receiving human blood.

Dean berates Lee for sacrificing innocent people to the monster. But Lee insists that he (and other hunters, like Dean) are owed happiness because of all the sacrifices they’ve made. Somewhat reluctantly, Lee opens the line and Dean begins bleeding to death. Lee expresses regret, saying he knew as soon as Dean talked to Sally, that he would start digging for the truth and figure out what Lee was up to, and that things would end badly. Lee leaves Dean alone in the basement to slowly bleed to death.

As soon as Dean is alone, he spots an axe and some other tools on a nearby work table. He frees himself and removes the intravenous catheter. As soon as the blood stops flowing, the creature becomes very agitated and starts breaking through the steel door.

Upstairs, Lee is tidying up the bar when he begins to hear the marid making noises downstairs. Suddenly, the basement door opens and Dean flings the creature’s decapitated head across the floor. Dean and Lee get into a gun fight, but both of them run out of ammunition. During a brief conversation, Lee tries to convince Dean to walk away, insisting that they’re not all that different – only Lee has “awakened” to understand that the world can’t be fixed. Dean replies that he can’t walk away, because Lee has become a monster. They continue fighting hand to hand, and Dean reluctantly kills Lee by stabbing him with a broken pool cue.

Dean arrives back at the bunker, having received Castiel’s urgent messages. He is greeted by Cas, who reports that Sam is alright, now.

Later, the group is talking about Sam’s experience. Sam describes how he was able to see inside Chuck’s head. Sam tells the group that Chuck is weak, and he thinks they can defeat him.

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