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In the bunker...

Sam's doing research and hears something like pipes knocking. Dean walks in wearing an apron, saying
he's making burgers but the pilot light's gone out for the third time that week. The hot water is iffy; he's
bummed it's not a state of the art. Sam says it the '50's.

Jack is in his room; still struggling with the fact that he killed Mary now that his soul's been restored and he realizes what he did.

Cas is out looking for Amara.

Dean is determined that he and Sam can fix the old pipes, so they head downstairs. Dean doesn't think an actual plumber would come work on the place with its very old plumbing.

They look at the bunker's lit control panel and they see a big resent button. Dean hits it, figuring it's like
a computer reboot. The lights go down, then come back up. Dean declares victory, thinking he fixed the problem, and says it's burger time.

Later, Dean walks into his room with a burger and finds a middle-aged woman he's never seen before. He shouts for Sam. The woman is kind of a Mary Poppins type. Folding Dean's Scooby Doo underwear. She says her name is Mrs. Butters and she's not human. She's a wood nymph.

She tells Sam and Dean that she lives there. But she's not a woman of letters; she was more of a
housekeeper for the Men of Letters. She says they were her boys, her family.

Dean tells her to leave and she becomes upset. She thinks it's 1958; she's worked for the Men of Letters since before the war. She can't believe it's 2020. She wants to know where all the Men of Letters are. She is upset to learn they're all dead at the hands of Abbadon, except for Sam and Dean.

Mrs. Butters cries at the news. She surmises that that's why they never returned when they left for the
ceremony (where Abbadon killed them). She decided to place herself and the bunker in "standby mode" when they didn't come back and she was absorbed into the bunker "on hold".

(When this flashback is revealed, one of the symbols that glows is the stick man from Blair Witch; also
directed by this epsiode's director, Eduardo Sanchez).

Mrs. BUtters says that if Sam and Dean are anything like the other Men of Letters, they don't clean
anything properly or eat properly or celebrate holidays.

She explains that the Men of Letters used her power to give the bunker extra "oomph". They have monster radar on the map table and other amazing things they never knew they had in the bunker, now that she has been "activated" again and she is again lending some of her power to the bunker.

The map lights up on what she says is likely a vampire next. She thinks they could go clean it up and make it back in time for dinner.

Sam is leery of her. Dean wants to go check out the nest indicated on the map table, and if it pans out,
then she's telling the truth.

Sam asks what about Jack. He is still alone in his room. Dean goes to Jack's room and talks through the door, telling him that they're heading out and letting him know that they have a guest that is probably harmless. She's making cookies. Snickerdoodles.

Sam and Dean take off. They talk as they drive.

Sam doesn't know if they should have her around; they have a lot on their plates with Chuck and Jack and Amara.

Sam thinks Jack is hiding something. Dean thinks he just needs space.

Back at the bunker...
Mrs. Butters knocks on Jack's door and introduces herself in a caring voice. She leaves a sandwich for him.

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean break down the door at the vampire nest in a shabby house (where the
vampires are complaining about their lives and drinking blood from a Big Gulp. Sam and Dean decapitate them easily. Dean can't believe how easy that was.

They return to find the bunker completely decorated for Christmas with a huge tree. Mrs. Butters is
scurrying around carrying a big plate of cookies.

Dean's thrilled with it. Sam looks like he doesn't know what to think.

Mrs. Butters gives Sam a plate of pancakes. She thinks they should celebrate all the holidays they
missed. She wants them to enjoy themselves a bit. She has to make up for lost time with all the holidays she missed.

Jack emerges from his room and Mrs. Butters immediately senses he's not human.

Dean walks in wearing a Scooby-Doo like purple nightshirt and cap; a gift from Mrs. Butters for Christmas.

Mrs. Butters tries to give Jack food. She gives him a smoothie. Dean wants some, but she says he should have tomato juice for his cholesterol.

The alarms for the monster radar go off and they run to change to get ready for a hunt. Mrs. Butters
hands them paper bags with lunch on their way out. She tells Dean to take it easy on the car because she just waxed it. They assure Jack he can stay behind.

As Jack and Mrs. Butters wash dishes, Mrs. Butters gets information out of him about his past. Jack starts to tell her about Mary. He tells her that Mary was a good friend. He admits he killed her by accident. Mrs. Butters tells him we all do things we're not proud of, but life gives us second chances and it's our obligation to hold onto them. She gives him another smoothie.

Cut to a (way-too-long) montage of monster hunts, sack lunches, and all holidays getting celebrated;
Thanksgiving in the bunker, carving pumpkins for Halloween, the 4th of July, (why they are hunting
monsters with the grenade launcher and Thor's hammer, I have no idea), and finally, Sam's birthday. Dean asks what's in store for his birthday and Mrs. Butters admonishes him that at his age, she's surprised he wants to celebrate his birthday.

Later, Jack sees Mrs. Butters snooping through some files in the bunker. Jack asks her for another smoothie when she sees him. When she leaves, he checks to see what she was looking at. It's a film reel. He plays it and finds Cuthbert Sinclair, late Man of Letters, reporting that Mrs. Butters has the ability to destroy 200 Nazis when her home or family is threatened. The film explains that she has agreed to join the MOL family and the video shows Mrs. Butters ripping off the head of a member of the Thule. She shows no emotion while doing it.

Jack rushes to find Sam but finds Mrs. Butters instead. She says Sam has a big date. Sam walks out in a
vest and tie. She wants to trim his hair but Sam refuses. Sam explains he's going out on a date with Eileen. Going on a date or "something".  Dean quips, "Heavy on the 'something'."

Mrs. Butters materializes a bouquet of roses for Sam to take with him.

She wants Dean to be nicer to his brother. She informs Dean that she fixed the TV in his Dean cave.

Jack never gets to tell them what he's discovered about her past.

Jack follows Mrs. Butters and Dean rushes off to check out his repaired TV. Jack confronts her. He says he saw the film. She asks how it made him feel. He doesn't understand. She says that Jack relished watching the Nazi's pain in the film. He realizes she wanted him to find the film. He asks if it's a test to see if he's bloodthirsty or dangerous. She thinks he's a threat to Sam and Dean.

She knows how powerful Jack is. She thinks he could hurt Sam and Dean. She wonders if they keep him
in the bunker to protect others from him; from doing what he did to Mary.

She throws him against the wall with an unseen force. Jack appears to be weakened. She says she's
protecting her family. Jack tries to zap her, but he can't. The smoothies she's been giving him have made him weak. She pushes him to the ground with one finger after binding his wrists. She wants to make the bunker safe again and get rid of all the monsters, including Jack.

Dean walks into the bunker kitchen saying he's hungry and Mrs. Butters hands him a grilled cheese. Dean's thrilled. She matter-of-factly informs him that he will have to eat up and he'll need his strength to kill Jack. She won't let what happened to the other Men of Letters happen to him and Sam. Dean is very disappointed that he will apparently have to do something about this "good thing". When he refuses to kill Jack, she thinks Jack's brainwashed him and she locks Dean in the dungeon with Jack.

Sam comes home later (without his tie!). Mrs. Butters comments that it's late. Sam asks where Jack and
Dean are. She explains that Jack has taken over Dean's mind and they are both downstairs now waiting to be killed by Sam and herself. Sam plays along, saying he's glad she caught them and he'll just go
get his gun.

She asks how the date was, but we don't hear Sam's answer.

Sam calls Dean in the bunker. Sam wants to know why Dean didn't call him first to let him know what he was coming home to. Dean thinks it's been awhile for Sam (since he last had sex) and he was probably "practicing his sign language" with Eileen - so Dean felt that was more important.

Sam wonders if he has to shoot Mrs. Butters. and wonders if a gun will work on her. Dean informs Sam
that he thought Sam was reasearching that. Sam got distracted by the holidays and never did the reserach.  Sam and Dean briefly reminisce about all the great food Mrs. Butters has cooked for them. Dean wonders if they can put her back in some kind of suspended animation.

Dean wants to figure out how to break himself and Jack out of the dungeon as they wait for Sam. Dean doesn't want Jack to use his powers to get them out and tip Chuck off to his location.

Jack asks Dean if Dean still thinks he's a monster. Dean says he's really trying, but he can't forget what
Jack did to Mary. He might still be angry, but he's not going to let Mrs. Butters kill Jack.

Elsewhere, Sam is trying to find Mrs. Butters. She find him first, wondering what's taking him so long. He prepares to shoot her, but she stops him. With unseen force, she makes Sam sit in a chair and he can't get up.

She tells Sam that, in her history with the Men of Letters, the most important thing is to keep them safe. She says she won't give up on Sam. He's her favorite. She's going to help Sam understand how dire the situation is, just the way Mr. Cuthbert helped her to understand about bad people.

Elsewhere, Dean tries to hit Jack's cuffs and the blow sends Jack flying. The cuffs remain intact. Dean
swears at the top of his lungs, gratefully, without Mrs. Butters around to reprimand him for swearing.

Dean has an idea for how they can get out.

Sam and Mrs. Butters talk. Sam says Jack's a kid who's had a tragic life. Mrs. Butters says Jack is a
monster. She says pain can be a wonderful teacher and she starts removing Sam's fingernails one at a time to try to get him to understand.

In the dungeon...

Dean strikes Jacks' cuffs with a knife and this one sends Jack flying through the door, releasing them.

Jack and Dena get to the bunker's control panel and Dean strikes the "reset" button with a hammer and it appears to have worked to trap Mrs. Butters again as she disappears from her spot where she was torturing Sam. Soon, the red symbols glow and things start shaking and a steam escapes from the pipes, releasing Mrs. Butters again. She's very angry and when she finds Jack and Sam and Dean, she sends them all flying.

She's sure Jack has infected them. Sam tries to talk her out of killing Jack. She says that Mr. Cuthbert told her that she couldn't go home because of monsters. Monsters like Jack.

Sam tells her that Mr. Cuthbert lied to her. Dean tells her that Jack is the only one who can save the world.

Mrs. Butters cries in confusion, confessing that she missed the Men of Letters so much.

The regular lights come back on in the bunker, indicating that Mrs. Butters' wrath has been calmed.

Mrs. Butters apologizes to Sam, Dean, and Jack. Sam and Dean ask what she wants. She says she'd love
to go home; to see the woods again. They decide she will go home. She warns them that without her
magic, the bunker will go back to standby mode. Dean figures they can live without monster radar and
whatever that telescope thing is. She informs them that it's an inter dimensional geoscope. Dean says he looked through it and didn't see anything. She says that's bad (implying that God must have destroyed the world's in the other dimensions already).

Jack gives her a photo of the old Men of Letters. She tells Dean to eat his vegetables. She tells Sam to cut his hair. She tells Jack to go save the world. She says goodbye and disappears when she snaps her fingers.

Later, around the table, Sam tells Jack he's there for him if he wants to talk. Jack says he's supposed to
kill God and yet he got tricked by a wood nymph. Jack asks Sam if he thinks he can do it. Sam says he's (Jack's) the only one who can.

Dean says Mrs. Butters what right that they don't take time to celebrate enough. He makes Jack a rather homely birthday cake. But he made it himself. He lights one candle on it for Jack. Jack thinks it's great. Jack makes a wish and blows out the candle.  Perhaps this Dean's way of further apologizing for holding a grudge against Jack for Mary's death.