Hello, my name is Karen!

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Home town:

Birthday (month/day):

Current residence: New Jersey

Occupation: veterinarian

Gender: all woman, baby!

Supernatural Fan Since: [episode]


My guilty pleasure(s): Chocolate. Okay, who am I kidding -- anything sweet 🙂

The best word to describe me is: kind-hearted

My hero(es): Dean Winchester -- I'm not kidding.

Words or phrases I overuse: I can't think of one. I'm not a big talker.

My superpower is: talking to animals

What else you should know about me: Too open-ended. You'll have to ask me something. Did I mention I don't really like to talk about myself?


In the movie version of my life, I would be played by: Someone who would probably regret it later -- LOL! I have no idea...

My childhood ambition/career goal: I always wanted to be a veterinarian -- really. Guess some dreams do come true 🙂

If I were a breakfast cereal, I would be: Oatmeal -- I have an old soul...

If I could tame and ride any animal, it would be a:
I wouldn't. How dare I break someone else's will and compel him/her to do what I want?! I'm more likely to try to make friends and hopefully he/she/it would like me back and we could walk, run, or play together.

If I could live anywhere, it would be: Vancouver, B.C. -- and that was BEFORE Supernatural started filming there. I think it's a beautiful city.

My dream job(s): to not have to work at all 🙂 That was too easy!

My dream vacation(s): North Shore of Oahu -- house on the beach for six months of every year


Last movie I saw: Hidden Figures.

Last book I read: Can't remember. I read all the time...

Speaking of reading, I tried my hand at a few fan fiction stories if you want to check out my page: http://www.supernatural-fan-wiki.com/page/SWI+Kate38

Last album I listened to: Louden Swain's 2017 live Supernatural convention album, I think. But I love music and listen to so many CDs I can't remember the last ones.

Last big splurge: Gold weekend tickets for VanCon 2017! And it was worth every penny!!

Bucket list: Running a marathon (done, and will hopefully do a few more); going to a Supernatural convention (DONE -- TWICE!!! And I had a blast!); learning a few more languages (working on it); learning guitar (working on that, too, FINALLY)


Website(s): Probably this one! I've met SO MANY nice people here. But I guess Google is the most useful... Hobbies: running, cello, biking (but I don't ride very well)
Food(s): pizza, chocolate Gadget(s): Not a fan of gadgets. I'm a bit techno-averse -- NOT phobic -- just averse.
Vacation spot(s): Hawaii I like my eggs... I eat Egg Beaters, but once a year on my birthday I treat myself to eggs Florentine.
Game(s): Sport(s): running, FOOTBALL
World leader(s): Barack Obama TV show(s): Come on -- this one is too EASY. Supernatural, of course!!!
Celebrities: I don't tend to follow celebrities, except for the Supernatural cast members, so my favorites are probably Jensen, Misha, Travis Aaron Wade (for his work with the Wounded Warrior Project), and Rachel Miner Charities/Causes: ASPCA, Heifer International, ACLU, SPLC
Movies: The Rose (probably) Musician(s): Too numerous to list. Nancy Wilson, Lindsay Buckingham and Melissa Etheridge make me wish I was a better musician - does that help?
Song(s): Too many to list. My musical tastes are eclectic Dessert(s): I think it's the concept of dessert that I love the most :). And I love sweets. I can't really think of a favorite.
Guard your thoughts -- for they become your words.
Guard your words -- for they become your deeds.
Guard your deeds -- for they become your habits.
Guard your habits -- for they become your destiny.

All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.

Cartoon character(s): Probably Bugs Bunny


Dean Favs. Sam Favs.
Favorite Dean Quote: Too numerous to count! Dean Winchester is my hero, so I hang on his every word :).
Here are a few of my top favorites:

"You don't watch porn in a room full of dudes, and you don't TALK about it."

"Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cake hole."

"Dude, you full-on rebelled against heaven. Iniquity is one of the perks."

"Cas, we talked about this. Personal space."

"The last time you zapped me someplace, I didn't poop for a week."

"A car should drive, not be a little bi**h." (I use that one ALL THE TIME!)

"Honey, there ain't no other men like me."

Favorite Sam Quote: "He's the only one who gets to call me that."

Favorite Sam Hair: Season 8 (so far)

Favorite Dean Moment:

Again, too numerous to count, but here are a few:

The wink in "Point of No Return"

The chapel scene with Sam in "Sacrifice"

The bar fight in "Inside Man"

Going after the Stynes in "The Prisoner"

The mysterious look at the end of "Executioner's Song"

Pretty much every scene in "The End"

Hugging Cas and Sam in "Alpha and Omega"

Finding the amulet in "Don't Call Me Shurley"

Just about every scene in "Baby"

Favorite Sam Moments:

The ending of "Brother's Keeper"

Coming to Dean's rescue in
"Inside Man"

Searching for Dean in "The Purge"

The ending of "Heart"

Curing Dean in "Soul Survivor"

Praying in "Form and Void"

The apology at the end of "Into The Mystic"

Favorite Castiel Quotes:

"You should've seen Luke."

(You have to say the next three quotes in your grumpiest voice): "It is not of import. We need to talk about what's happening here."

"I got your message. It was long, your message, and I find the sound of your voice grating."

"I found a liquor store, and I drank it."

Favorite Bobby Quote:

"Well, I'll be a squirrel in a skirt."

"Hot damn. That's somethin'."

Favorite Dean Episode: The best I can do is narrow it down to three top favorites:
"The End", "Lazarus Rising" and "In My Time of Dying"
Favorite Sam Episode: Again, top three:
"Born Under a Bad Sign", "Like a Virgin", "Hello, Cruel World"


Seasons: In order: 4, 5, 7, 11, 10, 12, 2, 1, 8, 6, 3, 13, 9. Recurring Character(s): Castiel, Rufus, Bobby, Meg (Rachel Miner), Rowena, Billie, Crowley, Death, Cain (not necessarily in that order)
Episode(s): Top ten favorites:
1. Tied between "Lazarus Rising" and "The End"-- LOVED them BOTH!
2. "In My Time of Dying"
3. "Like a Virgin" tied with "Baby"
4. "Hello, Cruel World"
5. "Dog Dean Afternoon"
6. "Don't Call Me Shurley"
7. "Inside Man"
8. "Safe House" tied with "Brother's Keeper"
9. "Soul Survivor"
10. "Book of the Damned" tied with "The Born Again Identity"

BUT, "What is and what shall never be" deserves an honorable mention!

Villain(s): Top five:
1. Crowley
2. Meg (although I don't consider her a true villain)
3. Dick Roman
4. Rowena
5. Metatron (for the one-liners)
Main Character: DEAN!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!

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Plot(s): Top ten favorites:
1. Sam and Dean being vessels
2. [TIED] Bobby dodging his reaper to stay with the Boys AND Great Wall of Sam (and it's destruction and aftermath)
3. Leviathans/Dick Roman
4. Tablet trials
5. Men of Letters
6. Opening the 66 seals
7. Gadreel's story
8.Dean's crossroads deal
9. Dean and Lisa/Ben
10. Mark of Cain/First Blade/Demon Dean
Cast Member(s): Probably Jensen, but I love all of them and the unique chemistry between them. Quote(s): "Family don't end with blood."
Themes and Lessons:

Sometimes you have to keep fighting even if you know you're going to lose.

It's our blemishes that make us beautiful.

Family doesn't end with blood, and it doesn't start there, either.

Perfect Series Ending:

Sam and Dean both end up happy, with wives, children and normal lives. I don't even care if they continue hunting, as long as they're happy. They deserve to have peace in their lives.

I'd like Cas to find a way to be happy in heaven, or on Earth (if he can be happy here -- he still doesn't fit well among humanity).



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YES! Dean is my HERO!

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I love to see them HAPPY!!

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...and together 🙂

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And I never get tired of watching them hug!

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...AND let's not forget the THIRD Winchester:

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