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Jensen Ackles cited this episode as his favorite in the premier issue of the Official Supernatural Magazinesaying: "I mean, obviously the pilot stands out among all the rest."
In the teaser at the beginning, when Constance kills the cheating man, she clearly splatters his blood all over the windows of the car. But later, when Sam and Dean meet the cops on the bridge as they look for clues in the same car, there are no bloodstains anywhere to be seen.
In the first shot of the bridge when Sam and Dean go back to look for Constance, they are almost at one end of the bridge while the Impala is parked at the other end with the headlights on. A few seconds later, a shot shows the Impala in the background, but the headlights are off. Sam and Dean are also now a lot closer to the Impala, not to mention walking away from her, like they had just arrived.
Sam's LSAT (Law School Admission Test) score was 174.
At 19:06 the background visible from both Sam and Dean's windows is that of flat land, as far as the eye could see. Yet a second later when they pull over, there is a large slope next to the road, that is thickly covered in trees.
At 31:17 the sheriff has both his hands on different sides of the box, as he talks to Dean. Yet when the shot changes, he is holding his hands together at the center of the box.
There is no “Jericho” city or town in California.
In the scene where Sam and Dean are chased by the Impala when they jump off the bridge it clearly shows both Sam and Dean falling past the railing, but in the next shot it shows Sam hanging on the rail and Dean in the water.
At the beginning, when Dean is walking out of the motel room, he puts the collar of his jacket up, then as the screen flicks between Dean and the officer he is talking to, his collar keeps going up and down many times
After the scene where Sam and Dean are chased by the Impala and jump over the edge of the bridge, there is a brief shot that shows Dean wearing dry, mostly clean jeans even though his shirt and jacket are still wet and dirty.
During the 911 call, there should be a police officer watching Dean, not all the police officers need to attend the same emergency
When Mary is on the ceiling, she is bleeding into Sam's crib, but when John is on the floor screaming, he is looking in a direction that indicates she is nowhere near the crib. Looking in that direction, there is no way Mary could have been over Sam's crib. Also, looking in that direction, there is no way John could have been looking at her if she was over the crib.
When Sam is telling Dean that he has to update his cassette-tape collection he shows one clearly labeled "Metallica,"
Dean takes it and starts listening to it. Rather than Metallica, we hear "Back in Black" by AC/DC.
When Sam and Dean are talking to Amy and her friend, you can see that when the camera is facing Amy the cups of soda have ice in them but when the camera cuts to Sam and Dean the cups no longer have ice. It switches back and forth depending on who's facing the camera.
At the end of the episode when Jessica is on the ceiling on fire, Dean breaks down the door and drags Sam out. How did Dean know to come back? He had already driven away. (This is explained in the deleted scenes for the episode on the DVD release, you will see that Dean did in fact drive away, but looked at his watch and saw that it had stopped working at the time that he dropped Sam off, and turned around because he knew that Sam was in trouble.)
The brothers drive a 1967 Chevy Impala.
Where Sam lets go of the wheel when Constance starts driving him to the place she killed her kids, there is a shot of the steering wheel and you can see that the car is still in park even though it looks like it's moving.
Dean's car's registration number is KAZ 2Y5
In the show, Dean and Sam's mother dies on November 2, 1983, but on the pilot preview it says she dies onSeptember 13 1985.
When Sam is picking through the music in the car and Dean takes the tape, the song we hear is called "Enter Sandman" by Metallica.
When the Woman in White gets into the first car you can't see her through the rear window of the car (but you can see the other guy), although her head is higher than the seat. If ghosts can't be seen through windows, then how come Dean saw her and managed to shoot her when she was trying to kill Sam?
Although Constance Welch leapt off the bridge on 4/25/1981, when Dean and Sam bring up a website with the information, the URL says "Archive/04-25-1971/", which is off by a decade.
For a trained marine, the co-ordinates that their father leaves Sam and Dean are pretty imprecise. 35 -111 are both in degrees and with no minutes and seconds to further qualify them. We're talking about an area of roughly 4000 square miles.

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